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10 Guaranteed Ways to Motivate Your Children to Do Well in School

Published on 23rd March 2020 by Tessa Robinson

If you are having trouble motivating your children to stay motivated and work hard, then you are not alone. Many parents take the wrong approaches to motivate their children for school. Here are a few tips that can help change that.

Don’t Irritate Them:

It is important to identify that parents are capable of annoying their children. Parents often have a power struggle with their children and take the wrong approaches to convince them.

For example, if your child is very tired and tells you that I can`t do homework, bad parents will not help and will shout at their child. At the same time, good parents can order an assignment writing service for their favorite children to do homework or sit down and help them with it.

Parents need to stop making their children feel less by passive complements and comparisons. It is also not good to lecture them. The best way is to sit down with them and have a detailed discussion about the issues and how to resolve them.

Provide them with control:

Children need to understand they make their destinies. They should know that they are in charge. If they believe that their parents are controlling everything, they can lose the motivation to strive
for betterment.

Educate your child about their actions and their consequences. Give them charge of one avenue of their life which later develops into other facets of life.

Follow a schedule:

Having a schedule helps diffuse any argument bombs. A schedule allows your child to know what to do in what timeframe. Setting up a time for homework allows them to know that they have to do the work in that specific time, sparing any arguments or questions.

Teach Organization and Scheduling:

Children have not developed organization skills as we have. It is important to teach them is to avoid overwhelming feelings. Breaking down their chores and schoolwork is a good skill.
Another skill is to make a list and follow it through.

Use visuals like clocks and calendars for more productive results.

Trust the process:

It is important to make your child realize that the race to the result can become tedious. Children need to understand that staying in the moment and appreciating the learning process is what makes the results more fruitful.

Have a safe environment for mistakes:

We live in an era where instant success is praised and failures are demonized. Your child must know that it’s okay to make mistakes and mistakes are the gateways to success. They need to identify the fact that it is okay to not get everything right the first time.

Show Empathy and Attentiveness to Children:

Adolescents and teens are going through different changes in their physical and mental states which can lead to mood swings. It is the key to identify the issues that the child is going through and empathize with their situation by listening.

Care about their Interests:

Allow them to invest in non-educational activities and show support in their endeavors. It helps them stay encouraged in all aspects.

Find them a Mentor:

A mentor can be someone who has similar beliefs as you but is outside the family so that the child can identify with them and keep their values intact without feeling pressured.

Eliminate Reward and punishment systems:

The system of rewards and punishment can get redundant and built unhealthy relationships with the children. This will lead to only short-term progress and demotivation without the promise of reward or a looming threat.


Allow the children to grow and be there for them. Nurture them with love and acceptance.

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