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Little House of Science’s Christmas Chemistry Lab for 4 to 12 years – London

At a Glance

Days: 18 Dec 2023 to 22 Dec 2023

Times: Weekly/daily holiday camps run from 9.30-3.30, (free early drop-off from 8.30, chargeable late pick-up by 4.30, book online)

Age Range: 4 - 12

Price: £490 per child for 5 days and £99 daily rate

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Activity Description

Mon-Fri,18-12 Dec 2023 Christmas Chemistry Lab 

Holiday Inn London High Street Kensington W8 5SP

Day 1: 

  • What is Chemistry?
  • From the first Alchemists to Modern Chemists
  • What is the Matter? Incredible Atoms and the Periodic Table
  • Hydrogen and Helium: The Universe’s first Elements
  • Chemical bonding: How the Elements interact

Day 2: 

  • Explosive Chemical Reactions and Amazing Physical Changes
  • What are the States of Matter? From the coldest Condensates to the Hottest Plasmas
  • The Properties of Matter – Amazing Materials of the Future!
  • Non-Newtonian Liquids that Break all the Rules!

Day 3: 

  • The Power of Hydrogen: Corrosive Acids and Caustic Alkalis
  • The Magic of Water, and its Evil Twin, Hydrogen Peroxide
  • The Element of Life: Adventures with Carbon.
  • Can you freeze a Gas? Experiments with Carbon Dioxide
  • Radioactive! Marie Curie and the most Dangerous Elements

Day 4: 

  • Heavy Metal: The Metallic Elements and their Properties
  • The Superpowers of Iron and Copper
  • Dazzling Polymers and How to Make Them!
  • Plastic and Paper: Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce!

Day 5: 

  • What is Density? Can you Stack Liquids?
  • The Elements in Your Body!
  • Dorothy Hodgkin and the Beautiful World of Crystals
  • Experiments with Chromatography- the Chemistry of Colour

Book single days or the full weeks from 9.30-3.30 (free early drop-off from 8.30, chargeable late pick-up by 4.30, book online, 10% siblings and friends discounts applied automatically when booking online)

For ages: 4-7 and 8-12 years (separately taught, with age-adjusted highly interactive content).

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Life Skills
Activity Location
Address: Holiday Inn London - High Street Kensington, Ground Floor, Wrights Lane,
City: London
Town: London
Post Code: W8 5SP

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