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Benefits of Baby Signing Classes

Published on 25th August 2020 by Tessa Robinson

Looking for Baby Signing Classes? Here at Club Hub our directory is filled with thousands of Baby Classes so we have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more about the Benefits of Baby Signing Classes.

What are the benefits of signing with your baby or child, I hear you ask?

Baby Signing ClassesAs signing is a visual form of communication, prior to being able to speak, babies can learn various signs and link them up to their wants and needs. It really is that simple! They can sign to you what they want, and you are then able to respond to them. Both parent and child feel more bonded and in tune with each other.

Babies can learn between 30 to 60 simple signs before they reach their first birthday!

There are many more benefits in learning to sign, such as:

  • Reducing frustration, not just for babies but for parents too!
  • Encouraging eye to eye contact and face to face communication
  • Develops finger dexterity and fine motor skills.
  • Building confidence and self-esteem for both child and parents together.
  • Boosting early communication skills, encouraging speech as well as signing.
  • A helpful skill for multilingual families

About The Signing Company

Baby Signing ClassesWe, at The Signing Company, use British Sign Language signs coupled with speech to take you and your baby on your signing journey together. Teaching you both essential signs through our signing programmes that will support you from birth through to starting preschool. Starting with Signing Babies, basic vocabulary signs are learned. Then, we expand on more signs and everyday topics such as food and home life in Signing Toddlers. Next is Signing Talkers where we focus on Phonics, Mathematical vocabulary, storytelling, expressing feelings and emotions; and more!

Our theme-based sessions provide the perfect opportunity for you to learn to sign with your little ones. Through games and activities, songs, and classic nursery rhymes, we make learning this new skill easy and fun. Handouts with ideas and tips are also provided for you to continue to practise at home and further bond with your little one.

When you participate in our classes, you really do get the feeling that you are making a difference, not just for you, learning a new skill, but also for your little one in boosting their communication skills and confidence ready for when they start school.

Our classes are available to families and Early Years settings across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. We have Franchise Opportunities available too. To find out more about us or learning to sign then please visit us at

Facebook: @signingcompany

Instagram: @signingcompany

Email: [email protected]

Julie Clabby, Founder | Qualified Franchise Professional – Busylizzy Family Club – Baby Signing Classes

Baby Signing ClassesTots tantrums are often caused by frustration as they struggle to communicate so it’s not surprising that Busylizzy have seen a spike in attendance at their Baby Signing classes and they are becoming increasingly popular with parents. The Baby Signing classes teach you a language you can both understand.

In each session you learn signs and gestures so your baby can communicate with you before they can talk. Each session focuses on different signs and re-caps on other sessions so you build a portfolio of signs to use with your little one. Participants sing whilst signing so the sessions are fun, upbeat and educational. The key benefits include reduced frustration, understanding of your little ones emotions/feelings, parent/baby bond plus early speech and use of words.

About Busylizzy

At Busylizzy, Baby Signing classes are live streamed each week for parents to view and include a variety of fun themes including, Under the Sea, Dinosaurs, Transport, Weather, The Zoo plus many more. Busylizzy is a dedicated members’ club for parents and their little ones. Established in 2011, Members can participate in over 200 Online On Demand classes. As well as Baby Signing, parents also enjoy Baby Music, Baby Yoga, Baby Massage and a great selection of Pre and Postnatal fitness workouts including Pilates, Yoga and Bootcamp.

For more information about Busylizzy Baby Signing visit: or visit them on Facebook or Instagram:

Benefits of Baby Sign Language

Baby Signing ClassesBaby Sign Language opens the doors of understanding, giving babies and toddlers a way to communicate before and during speech development.

It helps your child gain a greater understanding of language, because holding a conversation is much more than just the words. It’s also about learning to respond to facial expressions and gestures, as well as learning about call and response. Learning to talk can be so frustrating, just for these factors alone, yet small babies do not have the skills to speak and toddlers may start to speak, but don’t always manage to pronounce clearly, this can lead to a lot of frustration. They can however, use their hands to signal their wants and needs, they will gesture that they want to be held, by reaching out for you for example. So by giving them a physical vocabulary, it really helps you understand their wants and needs, to lead to a much calmer, happier communication. When you sign, always speak the word too, that way, as their speech develops, they too can speak.

About Toddle Talk With Joanne

My journey with baby sign language first began when my son was a baby, I saw the benefits of it for us, it was so much easier to know his wants and needs; due to us having a language we could all use and understand. As a Toddle Talk instructor, I have undergone teacher training and completed a certificate in British Sign Language (BSL).

We use BSL signs in class, but unlike full BSL, we sign as we speak (Sign Supported English), so that children know the words as well as the signs, in the order we usually speak, to help them develop to spoken conversation as they grow. Classes are in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire and the surrounding area, with a different theme each week. They are available for all families to have fun and enjoy quality time together, singing songs, listening to stories and playing with toys and puppets. All with the main purpose of learning signs, to better understand your child.  

Email: [email protected]

The Benefits of Signing with Babies

Baby Signing ClassesBeing able to communicate using sign language is a valuable and transferable skill for adults and the wider community. Signing can also have many positive benefits for babies and their families including supporting the areas of a baby’s developmental milestones. Here are some of the benefits of signing with babies:

  • Reduces frustration by giving babies a tool for communication before their speech develops.
  • Enhances communication skills through facial expressions, turn-taking, and eye gaze.
  • Boosts language development by giving babies a visual channel to learn vocabulary more quickly.
  • Empowers babies to communicate earlier through signs and gestures while waiting for their speech sounds to develop.
  • Enhances brain development and enriches parent-child interaction by using signing as a means for early interaction.
  • Increases self-esteem by giving babies a way to express themselves and be understood by others.

It is easy to learn and use some everyday signs with your baby that can make a positive difference in your communication and remove some of the guesswork out of knowing what your baby needs. Some key signs that families have found most useful are the signs for ‘MILK, ‘MORE, ‘FOOD’, ‘WATER’, and ‘BISCUIT’ (of course!). You can learn these signs and more via the Famlingo members’ app that is available to download from the App Stores.

When learning how to sign, it can be hard to know where to look first, as each country has its own sign language that doesn’t follow spoken language. For example, American Sign Language (ASL) is very different from British Sign Language (BSL) even though English is spoken in both countries. Some signing programmes use signs that don’t belong to any sign language so it’s good to check where the signs are from before you start learning.

About Famlingo – Baby Signing Classes

Baby Signing ClassesTo help families in the UK learn signs for communication that are also recognised by British Sign Language (BSL) users, Famlingo has created training and resources that use BSL signs with spoken English. When signs are used alongside English word order, this is known as Sign Supported English (SSE). SSE can be used to support communication but not as a replacement for when BSL is needed. Should families wish to take their sign language learning further, Famlingo is a registered BSL centre providing courses accredited by Signature – the Leading Awarding Body for Deaf Communication Qualifications in the UK. These BSL courses are delivered in British Sign Language by qualified teachers who are native/fluent in BSL and can lead to a wide range of further qualifications and opportunities.

For more information about BSL communication and courses, visit

The Famlingo members’ app is available to download from the app stores:

App Store –  

Google Play –

For bookings email [email protected] or visit Famlingo’s Schedule – 

Join Famlingo’s community groups on Facebook: 

We hope you have enjoyed reading about these benefits of baby signing classes.

Looking for more Baby Signing Classes? Check out the Club Hub Website Now!

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