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Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons – Teach Your Child to Swim

Published on 11th April 2022 by Tessa Robinson

Would you like to introduce your baby or toddler to swimming? Here at Club Hub, our kids activities directory is filled with thousands of baby and toddler swimming lessons so we have spoken to a few kids activity providers to tell us a bit more about their swimming based businesses and how you can help your child learn to swim. You can also use our search engine above to find baby and toddler swimming lessons near you.

Why Water Babies…

Our award winning programme for new born to 6 years is now available to book across Milton Keynes, Bedford, Banbury, Northampton, Aylesbury, Luton and Dunstable. This is the perfect time to join us in one of our toasty warm pools, and start your little ones journey to swimming! Come and meet our amazing Swimvincibles and let your imagination run away with you as you visit our Islands of Imagination.  Each Island is dedicated to an area of core swimming including safety, swim strokes and core aquatic skills.

With classes running 7 days a week and immediate starts available, we are sure to have a class suitable for you and your little one.

At Water Babies we teach you, to teach your baby to swim., from lesson one, we’ll get your little one used to the sensation of the water, developing their natural instincts and transforming these into core aquatic skills.

Each of our classes are designed to support your baby’s development both physically and cognitively, they are also jam packed with interaction, songs and lots of fun!

Why not allow us to teach your little one those all-important water safety skills and start your swimming journey with the UK’s number one baby swimming company and by the end of our programme, your little one will be confidently using different strokes and be able to keep themselves safe in and around the water.  Create the habit of a life time by swimming with your children regularly – who knows where it may lead you?

For more information please get in touch:

Call 01295 709221

Email: [email protected]

Or head to one of our social media platforms and drop us a message

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WaterBabiesMiltonKeynesBedsNorthantsAylesburyLuton

Aquanauts Swim School – Swimming lessons are such an important life skill, creating so much enjoyment throughout your child’s life.


Starting from when your child is a baby, it gives them a great start in life.  It is a time of bonding for both of you, while they learn water confidence, balance, strength and other skills, all through fun activities and playing in the water. Our classes at New Hall School are split by age from 4-11 months, Age 1-2, age 2-3 and 3+.

Come along and see for yourself. You and your baby can meet new friends in a happy relaxed atmosphere, whilst they learn.

AQUANAUTS SWIM SCHOOL LTD – Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons

In the older classes (age 3+) the  children normally go in the water without parents.  We run these from 2 pools. New Hall school in Sutton Coldfield and Wilnecote School in Tamworth, Aquanauts Swim School teach all abilities from beginners right through to advanced so if you have an older child that would like to start or to improve on existing skills/ability then bring them along to see us.

We do group lessons and 1-1 or 1-2, so whether your child just needs a quick boost or struggles in a main stream class we will have something available to suit yours and your child’s needs. We keep group numbers low so each child can learn at their own pace and be treated as an individual.

All our instructors are qualified and DBS checked and are passionate about the job that they do, ensuring your child’s enjoyment and progress.

We are taking bookings so give us a ring or drop us an email to book your place today.

Phone: 07792181483

Email: [email protected] 

Baby Swim UK offers the highest quality Baby, Toddler, Pre-School swimming classes in Southampton & Romsey

Baby Swim UK offers the highest quality Baby, Toddler, Pre-School swimming classes in Southampton & Romsey.

Why swimming is the best start for a under 5-year-old?  

Studies show that under five years old that participate in swimming lessons are incredibly:

  • 7 months ahead in motor skill development.
  • 10 months ahead in cognitive development (reading, writing and numeracy skills).
  • 15 months ahead in social and emotional development.

Why Baby Swim UK?

  • We use natural methods and gentle techniques, essential for teaching babies and young children.
  • Classes offer a stimulating aquatic environment, ideal for learning to swim and enriching all areas of early development for babies, toddlers, and young children.
  • Our teachers are qualified to the highest standard in the UK and are passionate and gentle.
  • You will learn how to confidently support and guide your child in learning to swim.
  • Swimming is a lifelong gift.
  • Seeing your child become water confident and able is the best feeling in the world!

Baby Swim UK takes influence from Montessori Education which promotes:

  • All children are natural learners and learn through sense.
  • All children love to learn.
  • Learning should be fun, hands-on and through play. With a ‘help me do it myself’ mentality and environment.
  • Observation is a powerful way to learn, and self-direction is a key outcome.

Baby Swim UK benefits:

  • Early swimming development, water safety awareness and skills.
  • Swimming is great exercise, helping develop stronger heart and lung muscles, improving cardio- respiratory system.
  • Swimming with your child is a special one to one bonding experience, in a unique sensory environment.
  • Improves motor control, agility, co-ordination, and balance development.
  • Improves baby communication, how to read baby’s non-verbal signs and signals.
  • Improves sleep patterns, appetite & relaxation.
  • Social development, making friends and learning with others.

Website: www.babyswimuk.com

Book in now: https://bookwhen.com/babyswimuk

Baby Swimmers – The best way to introduce your baby to swimming

The Best Way to Introduce Your Baby or Toddler to Swimming

Introducing your baby to a love of water is one of the best things you can do for them, and bath time is a great place to start. Keep it fun, and go at their pace, encouraging them to kick, splash and play.

Before your first trip to a pool, check the water temperature – it should be at least 30°C for a baby older than 12 weeks (or heavier than 12lbs), and above 32°C if they’re younger or smaller.

When you get in the water, smile and talk to your baby – let them see in your face that it’s all really good fun!

Get your shoulders under the water so you’re at the same eye-level as your baby, and hold them facing you with the water covering their chests so they keep warm.

Babies tire easily in the water, so keep your first visit to around 20-30 minutes.

You’ll probably find that your baby is pretty hungry after their swim, so be prepared to give them a good feed.

Then look forward to them having a nice long nap on the way home!

About Baby Swimmers – Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons

Baby Swimmers is an award-winning baby & toddler swim school that teaches babies from 6 weeks across North & West Yorkshire.

We also teach older children, teens (&even adults!) through our Swimmers Academy, whatever their ability.

Established in 2004, today we teach over 500 swimmers every week through our team of fully-qualified teachers, each of whom is committed to ensuring children learn to be happy, confident and safe in the water.

At Baby Swimmers, we understand that no two children are the same, which is why all our lessons are child-led to ensure little ones are taught and developed at their own pace.

Our mission is to get children in the water and confident as soon as possible, so whatever your child’s age or ability, we’ve a class that’s just right for them.

And with more than 80 years’ experience between us in teaching little ones to swim, you’re in good hands!

Find out more about Baby Swimmers www.babyswimmers.co.uk/

Keep up to date with our latest news on Facebook www.facebook.com/BabySwimmersUK 

Instagram www.instagram.com/babyswimmersuk/

Baby Squids – “The Quickest Way to Teach Your Child to Swim”

The Best Way to Introduce Your Baby or Toddler to Swimming

This is a question that many parents ask even when they are introducing their 3 month old to the water, it’s the reason why so many parents put swimming lessons high up in their priority of children’s activities.

Swimming is about balance, core strength and coordination to stay afloat and move seamlessly through the water, and this comes as children grow and build those skills. We have all seen videos of babies swimming but they are mostly being propelled through the water with a little push and their movement is natural and uninstructed. As children grow up they can be further taught how to move their bodies and build their swimming style once they are able to understand more about the “how to” but as babies, how do we prepare them for a lifetime of swimming.

What we do in baby swimming classes is to support a child’s development from the beginning, the activities that we do are linked to physical and sensory development. The aim is to ensure that as the child grows we can help parents to show them how to support this development in the water (and on land!). And the most important part for any parent is to have fun with your child in the water, a child that does not have water confidence won’t even want to get in the water so jump in, smile and laugh, throw them in the air, be patient, they are all different and will find their love for swimming through their love for you.

About Baby Squids – Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons

Baby Squids is all about nurturing children’s natural love of the water!

Laura was inspired by her son’s hesitation in swimming lessons and after being made redundant on maternity leave decided she could do better. 8 years later the business is well established across the south of England. We relish the opportunity to teach parents and children how to enjoy swimming in a calm, quiet and enjoyable environment, this gave us the vision to start a franchise model to increase what we were doing whilst continuing to offer the same great lessons.

Website: www.babysquids.co.uk

Little Dippers – It is never too soon to introduce your baby to the many wonderful benefits of baby swimming.


It is never too soon to enjoy the many benefits of baby swimming giving your baby a skill for life while enjoying some special one to one time with your baby.

Babies are born with a natural dive reflex action which means they are already fully equipped to go underwater. As well as equipping your baby with key life saving skills baby swimming helps to build your baby’s heart and lung capacity and develop their cognitive skills.  It is also a great way to enjoy the benefits of skin to skin contact with your baby which can help to regulate your baby’s heart rate and breathing and help them feel secure.

We are celebrating 30 years of teaching our little dippers’ water safety programme this year which was devised by baby swim pioneer and founder of Little Dippers’ Lauren Heston.

Our focus is to teach babies and toddlers key water safety techniques in a fun and nurturing environment.  Our progressive courses use lots of songs and games to help build your baby’s confidence and abilities in the water. All of our classes take place in lovely private warm water pools and we like to keep classes small to create a calm and relaxing environment for both parent and baby.

Don’t worry if you are not confident in the water yourself, our classes take place in shallow warm water pools. Before choosing a course think about your baby’s feed and nap times, a tired or hungry baby won’t enjoy their class. Also make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to your class and get changed, it’s amazing how much longer everything takes with a baby. If you miss a class we offer 2 free make up classes each term.

Why not take the plunge a book a course today!  For more information and course details check our website: www.littledippers.co.uk

London Baby Swim – “The Best Way to Introduce Your Baby or Toddler to Swimming”

Introduce Your Baby or Toddler to Swimming

Babies have a natural ability for swimming, being born with reflex actions. Healthy babies are born with extremely sophisticated natural reflexes that protect them from any harm and are very important to promote their survival. Introducing your baby to water from an early age is a vital opportunity to develop these reflexes to turn them into deliberate actions that become a life skill. The best way to do this is by joining structured baby swim classes such as London Baby Swim.

About London Baby Swim – Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons

London Baby Swim teach key life saving skills from an early age, with many of our babies being able to swim by as young as 2 years old. These children have a much greater regard for water and are safer around it and introducing your baby to the water at a young age avoids the trauma experienced by children who are introduced at a much older age and avoids them becoming phobic of water.


Mini Water Adventures – Learning to swim can start at bath-time!

Whilst water safety is vital and an invaluable skill to learn, there are so many other positive aspects to swimming too. Being in the water allows your baby to move independently much sooner than on land which starts to give them confidence and self-esteem. It can be very empowering as they explore their watery environment and boost their sense of freedom.

Swimming together can start during bath time. It is a perfect time to be comfortable together in a warm, familiar and controlled environment. Perhaps venture into the bath with them. Having skin on skin time enables your baby to naturally experience different movements in the water. Singing songs and having fun using toys are a great way to enhance your child’s bath time routine and get them comfortable in the water. When you are ready to move to the next level, find a warm swimming pool which offers plenty of room for you and your curious baby to explore, in your arms, the magical natural wonders of water together.

The Orca Swim Trainer – Swimming aid

The benefits:

  • Helps your child build their confidence and encourages them to be independent in the water quicker
  • Supports your child to swim more swiftly in a natural swimming position
  • Increases your child’s strength and stamina so they can practice their skills for longer
  • Designed by a swimming teacher with nearly 30 years experience
  • Your child’s safety is our number one priority. The Orca has been awarded the European safety standard BS EN 13138-1:2008.

Website: www.miniwateradventurers.com

Rainbow Aquatics – “The Best Way to Introduce Your Baby or Toddler to Swimming”

Introduce Your Baby or Toddler to Swimming

My top tip would be to SMILE! Enter a nice warm pool, relax and BREATHE! Explore the sounds, sights and smells.. blow bubbles, make little splashes and BIG splashes.. play! Jump in! Float! Look and listen for fishes!

In the early years it is all about the bonding, the skin-to-skin contact and quality time together. You will create special memories that you treasure forever. From the trust gained within the water from your activities the swimming skills will progress before your very eyes and the more confidence you can instil in them the safer they will become in the water as the water safety skills are the MOST important and the swimming will follow!

Join your local baby – preschool swimming lessons and the teachers will guide you through water confidence and safety and before you know it they are off swimming and exploring!

About Rainbow Aquatics – Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons

Rainbow Aquatics was born in 2018 however Jenny has been an in the water teacher since 2016. The motto is educational, fun, explorational and safety.

She has always enjoyed the water and can often be found near a beach, pool, lake or hot tub. From taking her first to baby swimming lessons at 10 weeks old she saw something she really wanted to do! From teaching with the company that grew her passion and children’s love of water to starting her own business in Wiltshire & Somerset.

With a varied career so far this is one of the most rewarding jobs ever! Seeing the children’s (and parents) confidence growing and them achieving such an important life skill is the best feeling ever. I love teaching baby – preschool lessons as well as helping any swimmer with water confidence as everyone should feel comfortable in the water!

Website: www.rainbowaquatics.co.uk

Instagram: @rainbow_aquatics

Facebook: @RainbowaquaticsJenny

Swimming Nature – Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons

It has always been our goal to teach as many people as possible to swim beautifully; it’s in our DNA and it’s what we love to do.

Our baby lessons start from 3 months old, all the way up to 2 years old. The baby classes are taught in groups of 6 to 12 and are a great way of helping babies develop in numerous ways that are backed up by scientific evidence. From 2 years old, our students are enrolled on our Children’s Programme which is Semi-Private and Private lessons, allowing children to accelerate in learning to swim the Swimming Nature way.

Our Class ratios work so well as they enable students to encourage one another and progress a lot faster than if they were to take group lessons. Our unique methodology includes a hands-on approach meaning that the instructor is in the water with our students, showing students exactly how to conduct each swimming stroke. We have had the privilege of teaching Olympic Gold Medallist Tom Dean how to swim when he was a young child.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 03445 040 506

Website: https://www.swimmingnature.com/

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/swimmingnature/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/swimmingnatureuk/

We hope you enjoyed reading about how you can Introduce Your Baby or Toddler to Swimming. Search for your nearest Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons on the Club Hub Website or App Now – https://clubhubuk.co.uk/listings/swimming/

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