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Welcome to the Storyhouse! – Littlecrowns Storyhouse

Published on 4th February 2019 by Tessa Robinson

Little Crowns Storyhouse provides Fun, Exciting and interactive Puppetry classes for kids with the use of dances, songs and stories. OurLittlecrowns Storyhouse classes sets the stage for great learning opportunities for kids to help support social development, communication, oral language skills and emotional development through imaginative play.

We have different types of puppets that we use in carrying out various activities such as telling stories dancing and singing songs. We have finger puppets and hand puppets among other types that we use to interact and engage with kids as they explore their knowledge of the world.

 Babies learn through play. Little Crowns introduces toddlers and babies to a world rich of sensory experiences in enjoyable and creative environment with an aim of encouraging growth and development, nurturing imagination and of course lots of fun!

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About Littlecrowns Storyhouse

Littlecrowns Storyhouse Was Founded In 2018 By Delvene Pitt, A Trained Actress, Nanny And Puppeteer From London. Delvene Wanted To Start A Business That Merged All Of Her Creative Passions Together As Well As Introduce Puppetry To Her Community.

Littlecrowns Sessions Sets The Stage For Great Learning Opportunities For Kids To Help Support Social Development, Communication, Oral Language Skills And Emotional Development Through Imaginative Play.

We Have Different Types Of Puppets That We Use In Carrying Out Various Activities Such As Telling Stories, Playing And Singing Songs. We Have Finger Puppets, Marionettes, Hand Puppets Among Other Types That We Use To Interact And Engage With Kids As They Explore Their Knowledge Of The World.

We Provide Weekly Baby And Toddler Sessions, Birthday Parties As Well As Puppetry Workshops For Schools And Nurseries.

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