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The Best Virtual Escape Room for Kids and Online Games

Published on 8th March 2021 by Tessa Robinson

Are you looking for Virtual Escape Room for Kids? Maybe some Online Games for Kids? We have spoken to some amazing small businesses to give you lots of ideas on how you can entertain the kids online. 

Amazing Treasure hunt games for kids to do at home with Wonder Adventures

Exciting, themed treasure hunts for your children at home, for one or more children to enjoy interactive fun around your house or garden. With video, clues, puzzles and songs, it’s easy and affordable kids fun! With a theme to suit every imagination!


These treasure hunts take screen time to the next level; they get your kids up, about and engaging with the characters on screen; as well as moving around the house or garden and taking part in active games and puzzles!

Great for kids aged 3 – 10 years. The activity packs can be adapted according to age and ability. Younger children will require more assistance. Older children can be challenged more with the activity.

Access your amazing treasure hunt activity packs for kids now!!!!

What you’ll get in all theme packs:

  • 7 character video clues
  • Anthem song and dance on video taught to your kids by the theme character
  • Word puzzle instruction video by the character
  • Secure access to all video links playable on all devices.(access for 1 year 365 days)
  • Full instructions and set up guide PDF
  • 7 x Clue cards PDF printable / PDFs to draw or trace
  • Certificates of achievement printable
  • A complete, fun, tried and tested treasure hunt perfect for active and imaginative kids
  • 45 minute activity

A brilliant, fun, unique activity for a birthday, weekend family fun, Easter treat or as a home-schooling well done!

The Panic Room Online – Virtual Escape Room for Kids

Virtual Escape Rooms and Online Games for KidsThe Panic Room Online is the one-stop-shop for all of your Online Escape Room & Puzzle needs.

Playing escape rooms at home has never been easier, with a wide range of 26 fantastic titles to choose from and instant delivery to your email, go from pay to play in minutes! Looking to start your adventures with us? Choose “Alchemystery” for only £10, a new game aimed at kids 8-12 where the puzzles cover a range of school subjects including Maths, English, Geography & Science.

Play across multiple devices, across multiple households from anywhere in world 24/7. Have a question or want to know more? Speak to our dedicated customer service team 10am-10pm Mon-Sun via phone, live chat or email

We have just launched our new collection “Great For Kids”

01474 450029

Jababo Games – We LOVE helping you have fun together – even when you’re apart!

Virtual Escape Rooms and Online Games for KidsNear, far, wherever you are it doesn’t matter with Jababo games – we provide a unique variety box of games sure to get all the family involved, entertained and most importantly, making memories together from a distance!

We take the hassle out of family time with pre-prepared unique games –

  • 🕺💃 1 x activity round
  • 🎲 1 x dice round
  • ✏️ 1 x drawing round
  • 🎵 1 x music round
  • 🤠 1 x wildcard round

There’s no time for boredom, no general knowledge needed, no memory tests – just plain fun! All designed to be played over video call or in your own house, for players aged 5+ (although younger ones can join in to some extent!)

In addition to the 5 game cards, we also include eco tips, trivia and talking points alongside our handy guide to hosting gatherings over video calls!

We’re an eco-friendly company so all materials are recyclable, reusable or biodegradable – including our dry wipe boards, scoreboards, blank dice and pens!

Prices start from just £9.99 and we are exceptionally proud of our 5 star happy reviews!

GOLD Option: 

  • Purchase a GAMES NIGHT BOX for each household playing
  • You all get the games cards (handy if you have players who will ask you questions a lot!), score boards, dry wipe boards, blank dice and pens

SILVER Option:

  • GAMES NIGHT BOX for just the hosting household (includes the game cards and all the trimmings outlined above)
  • EXTRAS PACKS for other households (the dry wipe boards, score boards, blank dice and pens)

BRONZE Option:

  • DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – via pdf – this isn’t designed to be shared over the video call… why? Because it means you get more screen space to see the happy faces you’re missing! You’re the important ones here!

New sets of games are released monthly, as well as seasonal specials and new products to add on!

Head to our website: 


Escape Live – Virtual Escape Room for Kids

Escape Live - Virtual Escape RoomsEscape Live offers ultimate family fun in their Online ‘Escape Games’ and ‘Live Video Escape Rooms’!

Venture into a fully immersive world where you must crack codes, solve puzzles and work together in order to unlock the mystery of the room and escape!  Perfect for all ages 8+, play with friends and family from anywhere in the world over Zoom or in the comfort of your own living room.

Simply click the link below to find out more or to book your adventure today!

My Escape Room Party – Printable Escape Rooms

My Escape Room PartyEscape from Jigsaw Island is a visually stunning escape room that you can easily download and print from  Now most school field trips involve falling asleep at a museum or milking cows at a dairy farm.   But not this time!  Super star teachers, Chuck and Jen, are taking you and your kids on an exhilarating helicopter tour of the Jigsaw Islands!  The catch?

Your pilot has an uh-oh moment and you crash land on a strange island with a raging volcano about to devour everyone! Captivate your kids’ imagination with this epic escape adventure filled with secrets, danger, dazzling intrigue and of course fun and kid friendly puzzles.

You can print the game anywhere and play it on a tabletop or hide the clues in any room to create a fully immersive experience.  It’s the ultimate way to create your own escape room and the kit even comes with several bonus items like props, posters, invites, and an editable version of the game to make your event truly unforgettable. Got a large group of kids you need to entertain?

This escape room is exactly what you need.  Simply print a copy of the game for each group of 4 kids and run a fun competition.  After buying the game once its yours forever to play again and again with new groups and friends.  You can even share the game with up to 5 personal friends. This escape room is recommended for kids 9+ and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. also has tons of fun ideas for designing your own puzzles and escape rooms so be sure and check them out!

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