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Kidslingo – Award-Winning French and Spanish Classes

Published on 4th March 2019 by Tessa Robinson

Kidslingo – Award-Winning French and Spanish Classes

Start your child’s language learning adventure with Kidslingo!

Kidslingo runs award-winning French and Spanish classes for little ones age 0 -11 years.

At Kidslingo we believe in inspiring children to LOVE languages. Our fun and interactive classes are a combination of songs, Makaton*, games, activities, story-telling and let’s pretend. *We are officially Makaton friendly.

There is never a dull moment when we’re teaching our little learners as we believe that this is absolutely the best way for children to absorb a new language. Our entertaining and energetic topics range from superheroes to wild animal adventure, from a trip to the circus to under the sea exploration. We believe in language learning that engages the children in a play-based approach.

We teach over 12,000 children every week in schools, nurseries and venues across the UK. All of our teachers our experienced and passionate linguists and are Enhanced DBS checked (PVG in Scotland) and are first aid and safeguarding trained.

Why learn a language at a young age?
Kidslingo – Award-Winning French and Spanish Classes

To know another language is a gift for life and the younger you start the better. There are a huge number of proven benefits to early language learning from increased cognitive development to enhanced social development and self-esteem.

Now that languages are compulsory in primary school, starting at a young age can really give your little one immediate and long term benefits.

What do people love about Kidslingo?

I love the confidence my daughter is gaining through attending classes and how her curiosity and thirst for knowledge is growing.

I love that Kidslingo is helping my son not only learn French but dramatically improving his English too.

I love that Kidslingo makes my daughter excited about learning another language. She loves to practise at home and it’s not a chore.

I love that Kidslingo fills her with confidence and she’s always smiling coming out of her class.

We love how fun and engaging the classes are. They are always learning something new.

I love the friendliness, professionalism and effort that Kidslingo puts into their business – they are helping our children to grow.

At our nursery, we are thrilled to offer the children these amazing opportunities and watch how much fun the children have. We know it’s their absolute favourite part of their week.

The sessions are fun and the children learn in a really natural way through songs and activities which they really enjoy. The programme is such an intuitive and interactive way for the children to learn another language.

The Kidslingo language programme

Kidslingo – Award-Winning French and Spanish Classes

Kidslingo French and Spanish programmes start at age 0 and progress right through primary school to age 11:

  • The baby programme, from 0 – 18 months, is a multi-sensory and musical experience introducing the very first sounds of French or Spanish.
  • The preschool programme from 18 months + is carefully constructed around the Early Years curriculum, incorporating key areas of development such as numeracy, colours, communication, social and physical development.
  • The infant and junior programme, run via clubs and classes in schools and venues, is designed around the KS1 and KS2 curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland.

Kidslingo also runs an intergenerational programme called Kidslingo Together in care homes where the young and the elderly residents learn together.

So if you are a parent, home educator or childminder, manage a school or nursery and would love your little ones to get a step ahead with language learning – then please get in touch for a free taster session.

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