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How to Organise a Perfect Baby Shower Party

Published on 30th September 2019 by Tessa Robinson

How to Organise a Perfect Baby Shower Party

How to Organize a Perfect Baby Shower PartyAre you looking for ideas about how to Organise a Perfect Baby Shower? If so this article will help you by giving you some great practical tips and advice.

The joy of waiting for a baby, so intensely experienced by future parents, gradually spreads to their loved ones – friends and relatives. And the bigger and rounder the pregnant woman’s belly becomes, the greater the need to celebrate the fact that the family will welcome a new member in a moment!

The third trimester of pregnancy is the perfect time for her best friend to organize a little gathering with friends because when the baby is born, the new mum may not find the time to party so quickly. The baby shower will give the future mother energy for the last few weeks and.

A significant benefit of each baby shower are various gifts, thanks to which the mum will expand her collection of toys and baby sleepsuits. As her best friend, it is usually up to you to Organise a Perfect Baby Shower. No pressure, but you will have to take care of everything! However, don’t worry, we have some tips for you to follow!

Baby Shower Menu

In order to Organise a Perfect Baby Shower a properly selected menu is essential. At baby showers, all tricks are allowed – the snacks only have to be delicious and please the expectant mother.

If you know her taste well, you can even compose a whole menu of her favorite delicacies. The most popular baby shower snacks include fancifully decorated cookies and cupcakes. You can use bulk wholesale chocolate products to make tasty, vegan sweets that everyone will love!

Baby Shower Decorations

In order to Organise a Perfect Baby Shower you must consider the appropriate theme for the party. This implicates decoration of the room, snacks, and even the colour tone of invitations. The gender of the expected baby can be, of course, a big suggestion.

If it is known that a girl will be born, choose subtle decorations in shades of pastel pink, broken with elegant white or grey. Traditional blue colours with dove blue or navy blue will work for a baby shower for a boy.

Of course, you can also get away from the traditional themes and decide on a completely different one. Hawaiian garden party? Shells and nautical motifs? It all depends on your imagination and how well you know the taste of the future mother.

Baby Shower Gifts

When you embark on the quest to Organise a Perfect Baby Shower gifts are an indispensable part. The event’s name means a shower of gifts for the baby given to the expectant mother. By preparing small gifts, friends help to complete the newborn’s layette.

Sometimes, however, it turns out that many gifts are repeating items or items that the mum already has or doesn’t need. Therefore, it is best if you ask the future mother to create a special wish list. Then share it with your friends and let each one buy something different. In addition to traditional children’s items like sleepsuits or cosmetics, the nicest gifts are inventive hand-made trinkets.

Nappy Cake

A nappy cake is a real hit of baby showers! Form round sheets of “dough” from fastened nappies and place them like a pyramid on a cake stand. You can squeeze toys, teethers, hairbrushes, spoons, socks between the nappies. Add some cuddly toys, and the cake is ready. If you think its too much to do, you can also order it online.

Nappies are the most practical gift for young parents. After giving birth, many of them are used up, and we have to remember that they are quite expensive. It will be a nice gesture, which at the same time supports the parents’ home budget a little.

Take Care of Entertainment

Each baby shower party needs funny games thematically related to the time when you all expect a baby. Most of them don’t require special preparation, such as guessing about the circumference of the tummy. All you need to do is prepare a ribbon that each friend will cut to the belly’s size. The one who guesses right may receive a sweet reward.

A great baby shower game (this time for the dads!) is to get a baby doll and nappies, and see who can put the nappy on quicker. Do it with a timer, make them fight for it!

Souvenir Book

Your mission was to Organise a Perfect Baby Shower and you did it! However, at the end of the baby shower party, let’s organise an entry in the souvenir book. Let each friend come up with short wishes and write them on a separate sheet. Prepare colourful pens and stickers so that each of you can decorate your entry.

The mum will be delighted to read so many nice words from friends, and it will also be a wonderful souvenir from the party. In a few years, you can come back to it and reminisce over a glass of wine.


The tradition of showering the mother with gifts and love has been going on since the 1950s. Even though the form of the party changes with time, the focus is always on the pregnant woman’s well-being and satisfaction. All elements of the event should be matched to make it as fun for her as possible.

When organising a baby shower, try to create a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere, thanks to which everyone will quickly sink into pleasant conversations and will be happy to participate in games and activities. Such a party, while waiting for a baby, will surely be appreciated by the future mum. We hope you now feel confident to Organise a Perfect Baby Shower for your expectant friend.

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