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Best Tools for Virtual and Distance Learning

Published on 10th July 2020 by Tessa Robinson

If you want to make your learning experience a pleasurable process, then you have landed yourself in the right post and at the right time. We want our readers to know that in this pandemic situation, it is important for all of us to look for tools and platforms that can improve the e-learning distance learning experience for students.

Now the tools that we have discussed below are both helpful for teachers and students who are going through the process of online classes and schooling nowadays. Now, these tools are useful, but that does not mean that it can replace the teaching style of a professional teacher. You must know that if you need any kind of help in learning more regarding distance or virtual classes, then these are the best tools for you!

We Video

The modern-day digital classroom is simply incomplete without the use of this tool. This online tool is a collaborative website tool that can put together various videos as a group in one place, and this is why it is also known as we-video. You should check this tool out as it can be extremely helpful for you. It can mash together an entire playlist of the group members and can provide you with an atmosphere of togetherness that is very much difficult in achieving as far as distant online learning is concerned.

Plagiarism checker

The plagiarism checker by smallseotools is a very reputable platform for detecting any kind of duplication in your assignments or research paper that you have prepared for online submission. You already knew that plagiarism is not accepted in any academic department, if your work gets accused of duplication, then it can seriously damage your reputation as well as it can get you into serious trouble. The plagiarism detector is important to use, and we want you to know that you must use the best plagiarism checker. This tool is good reputed and is reliable, Click Here to use this plagiarism check tool for free!


Now scribble is another e-learning tool and app that you can use for better understanding. This tool stands among the easy to use tools on the web, and that is why it is loved and used all across the globe. Now, this tool can help you in learning by staying distance and stuff as it helps you reach out to your fellow mates and not only that, but you can also simply share notes, compare ideas, and work on collective projects by staying at home with this platform. Learning can become easier and less distant from this platform!


Prezi is a very famous tool that exists today. This is a better and premium version of the Microsoft PowerPoint tool that is used for preparing and displaying presentations. Prezi is more advanced in every feature that you can imagine in preparing a presentation. The tool is simply intuitive, it has fantastic looks, and it will simply allow you to create and present your work to your online class by staying at home and by using the cloud platform. This tool is best for teachers, too as it can help them present their lectures more easily and understandably!


Dropbox is an incredibly famous online cloud storage platform that you must have heard about all these learning years of your career! You must know that dropbox is an essential tool when it comes to online classes and distant learning processes. This tool will help teachers assign work and assignments to all their students in one place by simply sharing the link of the dropbox file with all of them. Another important feature of this tool is that it can simply help students in submitting their assignments and files on the same platform without getting into complications of mailing and sharing!


Now, this is another important tool that can help you in arranging and getting involved in conference calls. This is the perfect way in which you can get in touch with all of your classes and study together. You should know that there are numerous house party apps that can help you in making a conference call, but not all of them are workable and reliable plus most of them will limit the number of people in your call, so we recommend you to use this amazing online app available online!

Some many more applications and tools can help you in online learning and classes, but we have discussed the best ones above. Just for your information, the famous is another helpful tool in this regard plus you can also use the DIPITY for managing your timeline and your schedule daily!

we hope you have enjoyed our article on Best Tools for Virtual and Distance Learning. Be sure to also check out our directory for more ideas.

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