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Superheroes vs Dr. Villain

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Days: All time

Times: 60 min

Age Range: 7 - 11

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£15 per session
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Activity Description

Surprise your kids with this Escape Room inspired by the universe of the most famous superheroes that transforms your house into the lair of Doctor Villain ! Download and print our kit and go on an adventure….

What does the Escape Kit contain ?
– A complete kit, ready to use, to save time
– A simple instruction manual for a quick installation
– Posters and invitations for a complete experience
– And even a YouTube playlist to set the mood !

Story :
The High Council of Scientists is made up of the world’s leading scientists. Dr. Villain is angry because he’s been rejected from the Council! To get revenge, he decides to prepare a toxic virus to turn the city into zombies, and prove to the world that he’s the best scientist in the world! You need to find out his identity and deactivate the bomb containing the toxic virus before it’s too late… Hurry up! There’s only one hour left…

IMPORTANT : A printer is required. The kit includes the setup guide, the game elements to print and cut, instructions for the Game Master and other accessories. There is no limit to the number of players.

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Social Skills
Life Skills
Communication and Language Skills
Activity Location
Address: Activity Box : Escape Room to print and play 
City: London
Town: London
Post Code: WV6 8XE

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