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Epsom Kids Clubs and Activities

Epsom Kids Clubs, classes and activities. Club Hub UK has the largest selection of kids clubs, classes and activities in the Epsom area. If you see a kids club, class or activity in Epsom that is missing from our list, tell the owner to add their listing.

Please use our search engine to find Baby Classes, Toddler Groups and Kids Activities near you.

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Clubs listed in Epsom

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Camp Beaumont – Epsom Coll...
club type Monday to Friday
8.30am to 5.30pm with extended hours available as an upgrade from as little as £6 per half day
club type Age Range: 5 - 14
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PQA Epsom Open Day
club type 20/4/24
club type Age Range: 4 - 18
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Monkey Music Epsom
club type Tues and Weds in Term time
Tuesday:9.30 am & 10.15am Jiggety Jig11am Heigh H011.45am Rock n Roll12.30pm Ding DongWednesday:9.10am Ding Dong9.45am Jiggety Jig10.30am Heigh Ho11.15am Rock n Roll12pm Rock n Roll12.40pm Jiggety Jig
club type Age Range: 0.3 - 4
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GKR Karate Epsom
club type Various
club type Age Range: 5 - 99
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Aquatots Epsom
club type Saturdays, Mondays and Tuesdays
Morning and Afternoons Available
club type Age Range: 0.4 - 5
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Topspin Monkeys (Epsom)...
club type Saturdays
9.20am to 5pm
club type Age Range: 2 - 12
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Code Ninjas Epsom
club type MTWThFSaSu
Weekdays 3.15pm to 7pm Sat 10.15 pm to 5pm Sun 12.15 to 5pm
club type Age Range: 5 - 15
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Baby Sensory – Epsom (5-1...
club type Monday’s
club type Age Range: 0.3 - 1.1
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Baby Sensory – Epsom (7-1...
club type Monday’s
club type Age Range: 0.7 - 1.1
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Tumble Tots in Epsom
club type Thursdays
9.30: walking - 2years , 10.30: 2-3 years, 11.30 Walking-2s
club type Age Range: 0.6 - 5
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