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What young generation can learn from Shakespeare’s world

Published on 14th June 2020 by Tessa Robinson

Willian Shakespeare is one of the most well-known playwrights and poets of English literature. Even though it has been over four centuries since he stopped writing, his dramas, tragedies, and poetry are still studied in the modern world. And this is because Shakespeare wrote representative texts, some that have challenged the entire literal world.

Everyone has heard about Hamlet, Macbeth, and for sure Romeo and Juliet. All these and many others are iconic for Shakespeare’s activity, but they also can teach the younger generations a lot of things. They might have homework or an essay to write and explore the interesting world of Shakespeare. And although many of them might not be interested in finding out about the greatest poet of all times, there are so many things they could learn from Shakespeare’s world.

The Psychology of Characters

There are many things Shakespeare is known for, but one of them is how beautifully he built the characters. Even though there is a lot of drama and action that happens in his plays, he took the time to build the characters in-depth. He has been a great psychologist also because he loved noticing the people around him.

Many think that the characters of his plays are real people that he met in his life, while others think they are fictional. Either way, reading Shakespeare could introduce the younger generations into the wonderful world of paying attention to your surroundings. Noticing how people talk and behave says a lot about them and this is exactly what William Shakespeare did. Which may inspire students and teenagers to develop their interpersonal skills even more.

The Development of English Language

However, William Shakespeare wrote in the English language that is somehow very different from the one that exists today. This might make the texts more difficult to understand, but there are some book adaptations you can read in modern English. It is important to note that there are some words and phrases that we still use today and that were coined by Shakespeare. It would be interesting for younger generations to immerse in Shakespeare’s wonderful world of words and discover the development of the English language.

Learning new interesting things and facts can be done by reading and analyzing Shakespeare’s works. Among the words he coined are assassination, addiction, arouse, and many other words and phrases such as “to be dead as a doornail”. Some of these phrases are still used today, so younger generations can improve and develop their vocabulary considerably just by reading Shakespeare.

Read more about Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet may be the most famous tragedy in the world. Even though it was written by Shakespeare early in his career, he managed to send a powerful idea and emotion. That many would do everything for love. It is sad, but an inspiring story that can encourage teenagers to take a different perspective on life and love. Writing an essay about Romeo and Juliet is one of the most common tasks they might get. There are many essay examples online where you can get your inspiration, as well as many essays about different themes in Romeo and Juliet. Exploring these can shed new light on the entire tragedy and draw your attention to details you might not have noticed before. Romeo and Juliet is a great tragedy that continues to be played and read across the world. Younger generations can get their inspiration from the powerful quotes of William Shakespeare, which are popular nowadays too.

Ending Note

William Shakespeare is one of the greatest English poets and playwrights that has lived in the 16th century. He wrote many plays and poetry that are still read and studied today. This is because besides being a great poet, William Shakespeare was a great psychologist and observer as well. Students and teenagers can learn a lot from his works. They can observe how well characters were built and how all their personality characteristics are beautifully emphasized. They can learn more about the development of the English language and develop their vocabulary even more. And they can have contact with interesting plots and storylines that can boost their imagination and creativity.

Bio lines: James Collins is a creative and content writer. He is passionate about English literature. His favorite writers are William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, and Thomas Hardy.

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