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The Best Scooters for Kids in the UK

Published on 31st August 2021 by Tessa Robinson

Interested in buying your child a new bike? We have put together an article all about “Best Scooters for Kids in the UK” for you to enjoy.

At we LOVE scooters!

Whether it’s 2-wheeled, 3-wheeled, big or small, patterned or plain, our custom-designed kick scooters ensure you and your little ones can scoot about with ease and style. Our range includes:

The Best Scooters for Kids in the UK boppi 3-Wheeled Scooter 3 – 8 years

Perfect as a first scooter for energetic little ones who need some extra support. With an easy steer system, they are a stable and fun way to get around.

bopster 2-Wheeled Folding Scooter 5 – 14 years

Kick start the school run with a bopster 2-wheeled folding scooter. They have a lightweight, robust frame and 4-height handlebar with designs including flames, pink or blue camo or purple zebra.

bopster V2 Folding Scooter 8+ years

These fun, foldable and funky scooters for children, teens and adults have an adjustable handlebar and unique rapid-fold mechanism, making opening and closing easy with a push-button operation.

bopster Stunt Scooter 8+ years

Hop, flick and kick on a bopster stunt scooter. Ideal for beginners and intermediate riders learning the basics of stunt scooting with a quad collar clamp, rear heel brake and infinity spin gripped deck.

Land Surfer Stunt Scooter 8+ years

Calling all beginner/intermediate riders wanting to improve your scooter game. Featuring a wide bar with ribbed grips, a flex heel fender, 360-swivel base, quad clamp and wide deck.

Land Surfer Pro Stunt Scooter 8+ years

Suited to those stunt riders with experience, confidence and flair, the Land Surfer Pro will make you the envy of everyone at the skate park.

bopster Sport Pro 12+ years

Foldable, lightweight and powered by you, the ideal teen/adult scooter for scooting to school whilst looking cool. Pick one up yourself, scoot with your little one and enjoy the wind in your hair.

Glide over to to shop our full range of scooters.

The Best Scooters for Kids in the UK LIFERYDER – A kids Scooter Like no Other !

New Yorkshire based family business LIFERYDER has achieved a nationwide hit with the Launch of their brand new stylish ‘Go Anywhere’ kid’s scooter. Launched in 2020 the growing list of positive customer reviews and feedback for the ‘made in the UK’ brand is switching-up the market.

Designed for Life inspired by their children

Dads Allan and Chris drew inspiration from their young children. The former Aerospace engineers invented the patented scooter design.

Allan says “ Our kids wanted to make the coolest “Go Anywhere” scooter that will be cherished for years and good for the planet. We saw a gap in the market for a new scooter that was built to last, would work on all terrains with the ability to grow and change with the rider’s individuality. The LIFERYDER Infinity scooter was born with adjustable handlebars than can accommodate riders from 5,6,7,8,9,10 yrs and beyond…

The All Terrain Champion!

The big 12-inch (30 cm) wheels provide high ground clearance and off-road AIR tyres mean that the Infinity scooter is fast, fun and smooth. It rides perfect on cobbled bumpy streets off road woodland trails, grass parks and even wet sandy beaches.

“We want kids to take their LIFERYDER Scooter everywhere, so we have made this the first big wheel scooter that is foldable, just undo a couple of bolts and it can be easily transported in the boot of a car.”

Super Stylish

Allan continues: “We know that style is very important, so we have 40 different styles to choose from allowing riders to customise the look of their scooters. As children grow, and their style changes, they can peel off the current graphics and switch them up for a fresh new design.

Made in the UK

Our patented frame design is safe and engineered to last. It’s tested to British Standard EN14619:2019.” Made from recyclable plastic composite material. All parts are fully replaceable manufactured right here in our factory in Yorkshire, UK.

Made for adventure, built to last, enjoy the journey, Team LR

LIFERYDER Scooters are exclusively available from our online store.


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Instagram page:

Micro Scooters


We’re on a mission to make everyday journeys better. Better for today’s families. Better for our world.

We think riders of all ages should be able to move their own way.

And we think moving without limit starts by thinking without limit.

Asking questions. Imagining possibilities.

Transforming the everyday. It’s where our Micro journey began. It’s what drives us forward.

It’s the reason we will never stand still.

People powered. Planet friendly. In it for the long haul.

Micro Scooters. Made for adventure. Built to last.

We hope you enjoyed reading all about “The Best Scooters for Kids in the UK ”. Looking for Kids Activities Near You? Please check out our website or app –

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