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The Best Magazine Subscription for Kids in the UK

Published on 22nd March 2021 by Tessa Robinson

Are you looking for Magazine Subscription for Kids? We have spoken to a few amazing companies to tell us all about their Magazines for Kids. Thoroughly recommend visiting their websites and having a further look.

Kookie Magazine – Magazine Subscription for Kids

Kookie Magazine - Magazine Subscription for KidsThis award-winning print magazine for pre-teen readers (aged 7 to 12+) focuses on girl-led content and offers kids a bigger, brighter view of the world and their place in it.

There are features on everything from adventure and activism to science and sleepovers, brilliant comics and short stories, interviews with remarkable women and girls, profiles of pioneering women in history, plus craft, debate, pets, puzzles, problems, posters, embarrassing moments and loads more.

Kookie is inspiring, inclusive and, most of all, fun. This is a girl-powered magazine for smart cookies everywhere!

‘No fashion, no beauty, no shopping, no gossip, no celebrities, no plastic and absolutely no ads. So very refreshing!’ Alex (parent)


Dekko Comics – Magazine Subscription for Kids

Dekko Comics - Magazine Subscription for KidsDekko Comics have taken KS2 curriculum content and created a series of engaging and fun educational comics. The aim is to make reading and learning fun for your child as they are guided through curriculum topics by a cast of colourful characters. Colour coding, footnotes and easy to read fonts, which are also dyslexia friendly, help even reluctant readers engage with their learning and help them retain subject content. By mixing small amounts of text and colourful illustrations Dekko Comics have found a great way to increase motivation and learning retention. The company has also undergone an extensive testing programme and consults with educational experts to ensure the comics meet their goal of supporting learning.

In true comic book style Dekko Comics has an interesting origin story.

As a teenager Rossie struggled with his schoolwork, he didn’t lack intelligence or an ability to learn, but it was reading that proved to be a challenge owing to his dyslexia. This struggle to read became a barrier to his learning and nearly stopped him achieving all he was capable of. As a lover of childhood comics such as the Beano and with a passion for drawing, Rossie found instead of trying to read long revision notes he would simply draw them. He would combine key words with colourful and often humorous illustrations that helped him remember and therefore learn, he had found a creative way to overcome his barrier to learning. As a University graduate Rossie took that same simple idea and decided to share it with other young people, thus creating Dekko Comics – comic books aimed at making learning fun and accessible for all.

From that simple idea by founder Rossie Stone of illustrating his revision notes to creating one of the most original and memorable learning resources. Dekko Comics is helping children around the UK discover a new and fun way to learn through their comics and classroom workshops hosted by Rossie. Dekko has now also branched out in to creating resources to help children explore and talk about their mental health.

Buy Dekko Comics page –

Dekko Read online for Free page –

Free downloadable Resources* page –

*Free Poster “50 Coping Strategies” to help with Mental Health.

Reading, Writing and Drawing with The Phoenix comic!

Reading, Writing and Drawing with The Phoenix comic!The Phoenix comic is perfect for children aged 7-14.

Packed with original stories, how to draw tutorials and puzzles, with no tacky adverts or wasteful plastic toys on the front, The Phoenix is a high-quality weekly comic that’s great for tearing kids away from the screens and encouraging their creativity.

Grab this cancel any time offer now to get it delivered to your door every week!

Get 4 issues of The Phoenix comic for £1 today – 

Stories Magazine – Magazine Subscription for Kids

Stories Magazine - Magazine Subscription for Kids

Stories is a new magazine which tries to help you learn more about the world around you. It is designed for ages six to eleven and features a mix of news, facts, games, and activities. There is a new magazine every month which uses the calendar to look at what is happening in the world, like World Book Day, Halloween, National Pet Month, and the information and activities are based on these days. All the news is written in a simple, balanced, informative way, and often takes unusual and creative shapes, like mind maps and post-it notes. Every issue is 30 colourful pages and includes a craft, a recipe, a dot-to-dot, a q+a, pictures, and lots more.

There are always a range of topics, including food, nature, science, history, holidays, and sport. We look at subjects that are relevant for my readers, and we try to look at ideas in a positive way. It is designed to help curious children answer some of the questions they might have been asking about the news, let them understand more about the world around them and have fun too. Our readers love to colour in, draw on and cut out the magazine, as well as read the stories. The idea is that you can read about each day as it happens, and do not have to read it all in one go, and when you have finished one magazine, the next starts.


Eco Kids Planet Magazine – Magazine Subscription for Kids

Eco Kids Planet Magazine - Magazine Subscription for KidsThe best nature and science magazine for children aged 7-11.

Tens of thousands of children have joined Eco Kids Planet since its birth six years ago. The world’s most exciting nature magazine will take them on an extraordinary green adventure to explore wildlife secrets, struggles and super- skills. Each monthly edition is bursting with wild discoveries, beautiful images and fun, inspiring projects. It’s an ideal gift for children ages 7 to 11.

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award for 2020, 2019 and 2018.


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