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National Inventors Month – The Best Engineering Kids Clubs

Published on 1st August 2022 by Tessa Robinson

Let’s celebrate National Inventors Month! Are your children interested in engineering? Club Hub have put together a fantastic list of the “Best Engineering Kids Clubs in the UK”. Please do take a look at their websites and everything they have to offer for your child.

National Inventors Month with Inventors & Makers

The Best Engineering Kids Clubs in the UK - Inventors Month Inventors & Makers aims to make engineering accessible to children and teachers in primary schools.

Inventors & Makers was set up in 2019 by Laura Cross, a former primary teacher with experience in education technology. It was during Laura’s time working in technology in California that she started to think more about the skills today’s children need for the ever-changing world ahead of them.

On returning to the UK, she noticed the lack of time given to engineering in schools and set to work putting together Inventors & Makers engineering clubs.

The clubs run online and can be used in schools and at home to give all children the chance to learn about engineering and gain experience of practical challenges. Every session includes a progressive teaching element followed by hands-on application of the concepts as children investigate, create and problem solve.

According to Laura, “one of the guiding principles behind the clubs is that every challenge should allow children to develop problem-solving, creativity and collaboration skills.”  These skills are widely acknowledged to be crucial to guarantee children’s future success and it’s clear that the clubs have been designed by an experienced and expert teacher.

Unlike some engineering clubs, Inventors & Makers leaves the gimmicks behind and strips engineering back to its basic elements. The clubs centre around themed engineering challenges, using basic and accessible resources, that link engineering to the science behind it.

For example in Boats week, the concepts of upthrust and water displacement are introduced as children investigate with foil boats and then use a selection of simple resources to build the strongest boat.

While Inventors & Makers also offers Video Game Design and App Design clubs and workshops, it is these practical engineering clubs that really set them apart from others in terms of both the content and the learning outcomes for children.

National Inventors Month with JetLearn

JetLearn is the world’s first WEB 3.0 online academy for K-12 with learners in 20+ countries. Our mission is to empower kids with a foundation in new-age technology skills like WEB 3.0, AI and Robotics in a fun, engaging, inspiring and hyper-personalised way. JetLearn’s STEM courses have received the prestigious accreditation. JetLearn’s technology platform powers live 1:1 online lessons, fun-learning workshops and trains children for competitive hackathons via our world-leading curriculum and top inspirational teachers. 

The world is changing at a very fast pace and all industries will be powered by emerging New-age technologies like iOT, AR, Robotics and more. Coding is the foundation for all emerging technologies making it a necessity to evolve. 

Learning to code with JetLearn at this young age will help them develop problem- solving skills, critical thinking and logic skills, as well as make them future- ready. Jetlearn aims to provide engaging, enriching, and, above all, exhilarating educational experiences for your kid daily.

You will get the following benefits: 

  • Your kid will have the opportunity to learn coding and other New-age technology skills.
  • Personalized classes trained by subject-matter experts with a focus on the future of technology. (Can we rephrase the word Small classes. Doesn’t sound appropriate).
  • Courses that emphasize collaboration, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. It’s time to take the first step in getting started to make your kids future-ready and help them build a strong foundation in new-technologies via JetLearn’s simple, fun, intuitive & personalized 1-1 learning journey. 

So, Here’s how we do it:

  1. Sign up for a free trial class:
  2. Get matched with your private top teacher
  3. Start JetLearning with weekly 1:1 personalised classes

Book a Free trial class for your kid with JetLearn, where learning becomes fun. 

Find us on our social media pages at:

Instagram –

Facebook –

LinkedIn –

National Inventors Month with RoboThink Barnet

RoboThink is a leading global STEM education provider of digital education for kids. Trusted by over 50,000 children in over 12 countries and growing, we are on a mission to close the digital skills gap. We seek to engender an interest in, and develop fluency in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in children, so that we may inspire the future generation of digital leaders. Our aim is to work in our local community within local schools and communities in the provision of afterschool clubs, holiday camps, birthday parties, and other events where children’s activities are sought.

Our teaching format is entirely practical with no reading required. Our flexible curriculum is suitable for ages 5-14 (KS1 – KS3) and can be adapted to suit all levels of ability. We use a tried-and-tested child-friendly approach to teach digital literacy and life skills to prepare them for the Digital Age of tomorrow, all while providing an unforgettable learning experience! Our curriculum focuses specifically on teaching children the key skills of: Critical and Logical thinking, Spatial Cognition, Problem Solving, Teamwork and Collaboration, Self-Confidence and Entrepreneurial Skills in a fun and exciting, yet structured way.

Learning to code at a young age can set-up your child for a lifetime of success; basic digital fluency in Coding, Robotics and Engineering has the potential to turn into high rewarding career opportunities, giving your kids a competitive edge in virtually every modern industry. Don’t let your child miss out. Learning to build robots and code them is like learning a new language – the earlier you start, the easier it is.

Watch your child’s confidence skyrocket as they develop critical decision-making and problem-solving skills while making new friends in a supportive, interactive classroom environment!

Call us on: 07883-268200 or email us at [email protected] to find out more.

Find us on our social media pages at:




National Inventors Month with Science Whiz

The Best Engineering Kids Clubs in the UK - Inventors Month Science Whiz is a live, interactive, extracurricular science club for kids at Key Stages 2 and 3 that supports and expands on the science taught in school.  A Science Whiz session is £6 from anywhere in the World and can be joined from home. All you need is access to the Zoom meeting and the basic kitchen-cupboard items that Science Whiz lists out for you. Sessions are currently on Thursday evenings and on Saturdays at midday.

Science Whiz is run online on Zoom by Radha, a passionate professional with a degree in science and with over sixteen years of expertise in the science industry.  From leading numerous drug discovery projects, searching for treatments to cancers and neurodegenerative diseases, Radha is now focusing on educating children. Radha strives to encourage kids to love and embrace science, giving them the support and confidence to tackle Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 challenges.Radha has experience working with children in many different settings and is fully DBS checked.

​Science Whiz’s mission is to:

  • Ignite curiosity in young minds, by exploring the mysteries and unexpected magic in science
  • Expand knowledge by bringing the curriculum to life and transforming text book lessons into fun, powerful, memorable experiences
  • Crystallise understanding by breaking down and simplifying complicated concepts and involving your child in hands-on experiments

Science Whiz strives to create a love for science, helps gain self-confidence and fosters a new appreciation for the world around your child!

Science Whiz covers engineering topics where we make our own trickling water fountains and awesome toy cars that zoom across the floor.  However, importantly, we balance the physics and engineering out with other equally important biology and chemistry sessions where experiments are colourful, messy and fun.

To sign up or gain more information, visit or call 07957473257

National Inventors Month with STEM Explorers UK

STEM Explorers UK empowers you to feel confident exploring STEM at home or in the classroom with engaging new topics each week. You can choose to access single topics, 6 week clubs or become a VIP member of this online learning platform.

STEM combines elements of science, technology, engineering and maths into a single, holistic approach to learning. It’s a learning philosophy that is designed to promote independence, link making and creativity, setting a challenge and using knowledge to make suggestions, design, build and test solutions to a range of problems.

Whether it’s exploring the properties of materials to design a flood proof house, understanding what plants need to grow to create an irrigation system or to investigate forces in designing a rocket your young learners will be engaged in their learning.

Created by Ruth Tsui, an experienced primary school teacher and STEM enrichment educator you can be sure each activity is tried, tested and pitched at their level which saves you time and helps you feel confident. Even if you didn’t enjoy Science in school and don’t know where to start, this simple to follow online learning will show you how without the stress!

Perfect for the curious scientists, budding engineers and emerging coders at home or in the classroom. Watch them enjoy their practical explorations and see them develop key life skills…resilience, self-confidence, critical thinking and more.

Are you ready to explore? Why not download your free STEM ideas handbook here:

“The STEM ideas are amazing and keep my two busy for ages. You have sparked their interest into all things science and they keep asking for more.”

We hope you enjoyed reading all about “The Best Engineering Kids Clubs in the UK”. Looking for Kids Activities Near You? Please check out our website or app –

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