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Junior and Kids Golf Clubs – All You Need To Know!

Published on 12th January 2023 by Tessa Robinson

In this article Club Hub discusses all you need to know about Kids Golf Clubs.  If you have ever wanted to introduce your kids to the game of golf, but do not know where to begin then this will hopefully give you more insight regarding kids Golf clubs.

Golf is very different to many other sports in the sense that Golf requires you to follow the rules. It is an individual sport and you are the referee of your own game.

The intricacies and rules of golf are gradually introduced as a child’s skill level increases. This will be taught to your child if they attend one of the many Kids Golf Clubs in the UK.

Golf takes time and patience to learn, but is extremely enjoyable. Once your child learns to play, you can play from around the age of 4/5 well into your elderly years with their own grandchildren or great grandchildren!  Golf, unlike other sports, doesn’t rely as heavily on being super fit and sporty.

Finding a Kids Golf club for your child is fantastic at any age:

Kids Golf Clubs - All You Need To Know!

There are so many benefits of Kids Golf Clubs and for them to learn how to play Golf. There are not only physical benefits but also mental benefits of playing golf. Golf is a great way to get the kids physically active. Kids Golf Clubs offer a safe environment, which teaches a sport   your child will grow to love that can last a lifetime. Golf can help develop hand-eye coordination and large gross motor skills. (Find more activities on Club Hub that can help develop your child’s fine motor skills.

Golf is a low-intensity sport that won’t over-tax their small, growing bodies. It’s low-impact, but still provides vital cardiovascular exercise that promotes overall health and staves off obesity.

Maybe, you or a family member plays the game and you would like to get your children involved. Sending your child to Golf Club is a fantastic way for your child to learn the fundamental skills needed to play golf. Why not take a look at the Club Hub directory to see if you can find a kids Golf Club close to you.

So what kind of things would you expect for your child to do at a Golf Kids Club?

Golf will teach your children patience, perseverance, and discipline, while also giving them some exercise and fresh air avoiding screen time.

Take your Child to play Golf

Kids Golf Clubs - All You Need To Know!

If you or a family member are golfers and you take your child to play golf, hire a few child-sized clubs from the club or driving range. They need to use suitable clubs designed for children – otherwise they will find the clubs rigid, and too long.

If after a few sessions your child seems to be really enjoying and taking to golf. Consider buying them their own set of clubs.A surprise set of clubs from their parents will connect them to the game even more.

Crazy Golf

Kids Golf Clubs - All You Need To Know! - Crazy Golf

As well as traditional Golf, crazy Golf is always a fun option for your children and there are many crazy golf courses around the UK.

Crazy golf is different from regular golf. In crazy golf each player has a turn to complete the entire hole before the next player starts. Also in the final round all players play at the same time making it a crazy game!

Check out Sea Life Scarborough and Sea Life Weymouth: “Pirate Adventure Mini Golf it is! It’s a swashbuckling game for the whole family, from lads and lassies to experienced seadogs! There be a new challenge at every hole. Navigate yer very own Jolly Roger round galleons, treasure chests and gunpowder barrels”.

Finding Kids Golf Clubs

Finding Kids Golf Clubs

If you’d like to find Kids Golf Club near to you then why not take a look on Club Hub UK as many are listed on here.

Here’s a few on our directory that might be close to you:

So before you book your Child’s Golf lessons it may be that you want to read through our top tips:

Kids Golf Clubs Tips

  • Ensure that this is something your children actually want to play and are interested in Golf
  • Find out if group lessons or 1:1 would work better for your child
  • Would your child prefer for you to hang around whilst they have their lesson or may it put them off and put them off.
  • Consider sending your child to a Golf Camp. Your child will have lots of fun, make new friends who share a common interest and learn way more about the game 3in a relaxed more informal
  • Find the right instructor for your child. Perhaps your child responds better to a female, or needs someone who understands SEN, you want to also ensure they are PGA certified and have experience with younger children. Reviews, talking to other parents and looking on their website can help you decide this.
  • Get lessons with your child. Another alternative is to get lessons alongside your child. This could be a great way for you both to bond and enjoy an activity together, learning a new skill.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article on Kids Golf Clubs. We would love to hear about your experiences finding one or if you attend already. So please do get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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