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How Parents Can Boost Their Child’s Confidence In The Water 

Published on 25th March 2020 by Tessa Robinson

Confidence In The Water Water confidence is important for every young child: it not only boosts their confidence, but it also helps in their coordination and water survival skills as they learn how to swim. In fact, a study published by the NHS suggests that children are both mentally and physically developed enough to start swimming lessons at the age of five. The NHS also recommends that swimming lessons should start when a child is one year old: not being able to swim is the leading cause of drowning, and it is most common between the ages of 12 and 36 months. So how can parents boost their child’s confidence in the water?

Safe age to start

Parent and toddler swim programs are beneficial for both parents and children, as they offer a bonding experience while doing a fun activity. Parents are advised to wait until their child is at least one year old, as they have not yet developed the required breathing skills for swimming before this. It is the parent’s responsibility to be aware of all drowning risk factors and know that there are always potential dangers that come with aquatic activities. Always supervise your children near water, and make sure there is a lifeguard present.

Boosting their water confidence

Getting past a child’s fear of water is essential if they are to learn how to swim. Toys that submerge or sink can be used by toddlers to help them get their eyes under the water, as this can sometimes be the most difficult part. Steady progression to grabbing floating toys such as ping pong balls that help with their mobility will train them for arm extension in swimming. Once they feel comfortable with their eyes underwater and extending their arms, you can begin sinking toys like coins to help them with their submersion skills as they learn to hold their breath. Making swimming activities fun and entertaining is a perfect introduction for your child to build their water confidence.

Give them fins

Kids genuinely enjoy swimming when they have their own swimming gear that makes swimming easier for them. Fins are excellent in building their confidence, as they ensure that their arms are up and their feet are used for propulsion as they move in the water. Goggles can also be used by children if they are having a hard time opening their eyes underwater.

Swimming activities are a fun bonding experience for both parents and children. They are also an excellent way to exercise if your child really enjoys swimming.

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