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Help Your Child Learn English

Published on 23rd June 2021 by Eun Rockwell

Do you want to help your children learn English at home but aren’t sure how to start? 

Did you know that teaching your children to speak English can help to expose them to wonderful opportunities in their future careers?

People who are proficient in English are more likely to earn more and study in the world’s renowned universities

Who doesn’t want all these benefits for their children?

If you’re committed to helping your child to learn English, you’re probably wondering whether you should hire a private tutor probable from the best essay writing service UK company, or enroll him in an online English course.

The good news is that you don’t have to struggle a lot to help your child learn English.

Every parent can support their children in learning English no matter whether you’re good at the language or not.
You just need to know how to do it and be enthusiastic. You also need to praise and encourage your child. This way, he or she will get the motivation to keep learning and will love the language.

That said, here is how to help your child learn English at home.

Have English Learning Lessons Routinely 

Incorporate language learning into your daily routine. A good rule of thumb is to schedule short and frequent English sessions. If your children are too young, make the sessions around 15 minutes long since kids don’t have long attention spans. You can then increase your study sessions as they grow older since their attention spans will also have increased. Remember to shorten the activity time as well.
When children know what to expect, they become comfortable. For that reason, try to make a habit of having certain activities during study time especially at the same time daily.

Incorporate English Games into Your English Lessons

Children love fun naturally. Since games are full of fun, you could play games when teaching English at home.
The best games to help your children learn and revise vocabulary are flashcards. You can play different games with flashcards like Happy Families, Kim’s game, and more.

Other types of games that can help your children learn English at home include action games like Charades, Simon says, or board games such as snakes and ladders as well as word games like Hangman and others.

You can also find games or resources for children for learning English online on the most popular website like Nerdy Writers and others out there.

Switch Mobile Apps to English

Most of the best assignment writing service UK firms encourage learning through playing games. There are many mobile applications out there built in different languages. To help your child learn English, you should set most of the mobile apps to English. The good thing is that most of the game apps are developed in English. Plus there are options to switch to your preferred language so you don’t have to struggle to set things up.

Allow Your Child to Make Mistakes

No one starts walking immediately after they are born. Given that English is a different language they will be learning, they are more likely to make mistakes. Just don’t call them out or worry about their mistakes. When you call them out for making a mistake when speaking English, they will develop fear when learning.

When helping your child to learn English, focus on helping them be able to communicate confidently and fluently.

And when your child makes big mistakes, try to help them improve one mistake regularly. This way, they will not have the feeling that they are messing up too much.

Use Every Situation and Real Objects

The beauty of helping your child to learn English is that you can use every situation or anything around you. For instance, you could teach your child colors based on their clothes and different types of clothes like T-shirts, dresses, etc.
Teach your child food vocabulary or when going shopping, prepare a list of things you want to buy and give them to your child to see whether they can remember the items with the names in the shopping list when you go to the supermarket.

Encourage Your Children to Watch English-Language TV Films 

Another way to help your child learn English is to watch English-language films and TV. If your children are very young to understand or follow the plot, ensure the films and episodes have subtitles in a language they understand. You can rewatch the films with subtitles in English once you have watched them with subtitles in your native language.

You can find out more about how to help your child learn English from the most popular UK essay writing service providers.

Help Your Child Learn English Using Stories

Children love stories, especially those with colorful and attractive illustrations. You could read stories from their favorite books and then allow them to look at the pictures and tell you what they are seeing. Once done reading, let your child point to different things like, “can you show me the cat?”

As you can see, there are many ways to help your child learn English. No matter the method you use, prioritize making learning fun and enjoyable for your child.

Helping your child to learn English can help them to know to seek assignment help when in college since they will be able to express their instructions clearly.

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