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Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation Review

Published on 25th February 2019 by Tessa Robinson

On a very sunny Saturday in February my boyfriend and I decided to visit Eagle Heights Eagle HeightsWildlife Foundation in Eynsford, Kent. I had found their Facebook page whilst scrolling down my news feed and realized they were only a 15 minute drive away.

When we arrived I thought it would be quite a small place but once inside I found there were lots of animals and things for us to see. We had arrived at midday so we were advised to go and see the bird show first so we picked up our map and made our way to a grass area with lots of benches. Being introduced to 3 types of birds it was so lovely to hear each of their stories and find out about their personalities and species.

We met Mrs and Mr Butthead! Two Caracara’s who had decided they didn’t really like flying and preferred to be on the ground scouring for food. They made a lot of noise and it was amazing to hear how the species were from the Falcon Islands and had managed to discover how to lure their prey onto landmines on the island for easy food.

Then we met a Peregrine Falcon who impressed us all by flying incredibly fast, swooping in trying to catch the keepers food. I was amazed how actually tiny this bird of prey is in real life.

Lastly we met the most amazing American Bald Eagle called Kayla. Who had the most amazing Eagle Heightsstory to tell. Being a nuisance in Canada and nearly being put to sleep, Eagle Heights saved her and trained her and made her famous. She is the official live mascot to Crystal Palace Football Club as well as starring in famous movies and music videos. It was so inspiring to hear how a small family run wildlife foundation had done so much for one bird of prey.

After taking lots of photos we wondered round the rest of the attraction to see the rest of the animals. There were lots of other birds including owls, eagles and vultures all enjoying the rare February sun in their enclosures. There was even an area for lots of adorable Huskies that Eagle Heights had rescued.

After visiting their brand new meerkat enclosure we took a look at their up and coming brand new area for their birds of prey past the gift shop. With the area set to open in 2019 a lot of effort and money had gone in to the welfare for these animals.

Past the brand new area were even more enclosures full of birds of prey. All helping the keepers with their breeding program. In this area there was also a reptiles area with a few snakes, a small crocodile and spiders.

I would thoroughly recommend this gem of a place. There is plenty to see and do with a handling activity at 2pm and two bird of prey shows, enough to make a full day out of it if you wanted to. The knowledge and passion from the staff can’t be missed and I hope to book one of their VIP activities in the future.

Tessa Robinson. Director and Founder of Club Hub UK

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Eagle Heights
Lullingstone Lane, Eynsford
Kent, DA40JB

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