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Best Coding Classes For Kids – What age should kids start coding?

Published on 30th May 2023 by Tessa Robinson

Is your child interested in joining any local coding kids clubs? With many children learning to code now due to it being added to the national curriculum, there has been an ever increasing rise of coding classes for kids in the UK. The type of prospective jobs for the children of our future has changed hugely and some people think it is now just as important to teach children coding as it is reading. So what age should kids start coding? Club Hub has spoken to a few computing kids clubs to see what they think.

Best Coding Classes For Kids with Elizabeth Tweedale, Founder and CEO, Cypher

Best Coding Classes For Kids with Elizabeth Tweedale, Founder and CEO, Cypher

“What age should kids start coding?” Or perhaps, ‘What age should you encourage curiosity in your kids?’ The first step to learning to code is to be curious – and curiosity comes naturally to kids. Coding is about breaking down a problem into steps that can be used as instructions to carry out a task. Children as young as two or three can learn ways to ‘codify’ instructions – no computers involved.

Take four coloured cards – red, green, blue, yellow. Red = jump, green = twirl, blue = step forwards, yellow = step backwards. You have coded a dance sequence! From four, children can apply their curiosity to screen-based coding. Our camps have creative themes that kids can relate to and inspire their interest.

To learn more information and to join their coding kids club visit – cyphercoders.com

About Cypher Coding Classes For Kids

Cypher inspires children to learn the language of the future – code, through creatively themed camps and clubs. Our unique approach ensures that the next generation is future ready. The Cypher enriching curriculum, which goes above and beyond the computer science National Curriculum requirements, helps your child be future ready by:

  • stimulating curiosity and creativity
  • developing 21st century skills – digital, emotional, social
  • enthralling themes from Magic to Minecraft to Big Blue Adventure to Fashion
  • nurturing confidence, collaboration, communication and problem solving
  • teaching the language of the future – code

Our Summer Coding Camps are now bookable – both Live Online and In Person at venues throughout London this July and August.

Best Coding Classes For Kids with Stephen Gruppetta, Founder and Director of Studies, Codetoday

Best Coding Classes For Kids with Stephen Gruppetta, Founder and Director of Studies, Codetoday

The answer depends on how you define coding. Although there are many children-specific platforms around, typically using blocks, real coding only starts when a real coding language such as Python is used.

As languages such as Python are text-based and include concepts that can be a bit abstract, we would not recommend it below the age of 7 or so. At that age they are ready to start coding in Python as long as it’s done properly, at the right pace, introducing topics in the right order and in an engaging way.

So should children not start coding earlier? We don’t think there is much to gain from starting earlier using children-specific platforms. There is nothing wrong with them as such but they can give children the wrong impression of what coding is, and if overused, children get bored of them (and of coding) quickly. What if your child is older but hasn’t started coding in Python yet? Don’t worry, they’ll catch up quickly!

About Codetoday Coding Classes For Kids

Codetoday focuses on teaching coding using Python to children and teenagers starting from age 7, and adults looking to learn coding as a tool for their current or future work. We take the view that coding should be treated like any other academic subject, taught thoroughly and in an engaging manner, focusing on logical thinking and problem solving while enabling students to be creative.

Our curriculum spans the full range from beginners to advanced coding, including using programming within science, maths and data analysis (for older students). The emphasis in everything we do is to make sure students truly understand the programming mindset, and not merely learn how to mechanically write code.

Codetoday was set up in 2016 by Dr Stephen Gruppetta. Following a career as a physicist in academia, Stephen set up codetoday to offer a different approach to teaching coding. He now focuses on programme and curriculum development, instructor training, and he still teaches some of the courses himself.

You can book a free trial lesson or subscribe for weekly Python lessons.

Best Coding Classes For Kids with Heather Lyons, Founder, blue{shift} coding

Best Coding Classes For Kids with Heather Lyons, Founder, blue{shift} coding

Dame Stephanie Shirley claimed in a Guardian article that children should start coding as young as 2. Coding is a skill that will be central to almost all jobs in the future and involves creativity as well as problem solving; thinking skills that translate well to many other pursuits. Coding is also fun – take it from Maddie, 12, who attends our online courses: ‘It was super fun and I learnt a lot about loops!’.

BlueShift classes start at age 5. At this point, children have the focus to really gain the maximum amount out of our classes and achieve the greatest learning objectives. We start with block-based languages suited to pre-readers and move on to JavaScript at age 8 and Python by age 9 or 10.

About BlueShift

BlueShift was started in 2013 as a response to parents who wanted their children to code but didn’t know where to start by Heather Lyons, a technologist, educator and London mum. Our mission is to empower children to look under the hood of the technology that surrounds us and excite them about the things they can make and do with code. We want to inspire children to be active creators with code, rather than passive consumers.

Some facts about blueshift

  • We have taught over 4000 students through our camps and clubs
  • Our curriculum has been designed and tested in conjunction with UCL
  • Our teachers come from some of the best universities in the UK and are rigorously trained and vetted
  • We run clubs at over 20 London schools including Thomas’s Battersea and SPGS

We’ll be running live, online creative coding classes until August 28 in which our tutors mentor young students in everything from app development to Python and Minecraft modding. Not sure if your child will enjoy it?

Try a trial lesson for £20-25 to get a taste of what an online course can offer them. We also run 1:1 online tutoring which tailors our tried and tested curriculum to each child’s needs.

Outstanding Coding Classes for Kids and Teens with Riva Learning

Outstanding coding classes for kids and teens with Riva Learning

Having worked for companies such as Google and Amazon and having studied computer science at MIT and other top universities, I have a very research based view of why you should not formally start coding too early – 9 is a great age to start. 

“If you start at 11 years, that’s still amazing. It’s not too late.”

Here’s the fun bit about starting age: within only a few hours of training, a novice 9 year old will catch up and level up against someone who’s already had 1 or 2 years of coding experience at a younger age. This is based on our research with over 200 younger kids who came to us with coding experience.

Just by playing and interacting with the world around them – by living life – children are constantly developing the logical thinking aspect of coding anyway. The specifics of how a coding language works can be picked up at any age.

On the other hand, starting early has its risks.

When a child starts too young, say at 7 or even 8, they start with something like Scratch – block based and fun. In a year or two, they are done with Scratch – it’s too easy and they are ready to move on, but they are not yet ready for a text-based programming language such as Python but they move to Python anyway.

Soon enough, it becomes too hard and the child says the dreaded words, “I don’t like coding”. The real reason, however, is that the child wasn’t ready.

Most kids who start too early, never go on to the harder stuff or start solving real-life problems. For instance, they will never dream of building X (formerly Twitter) themselves or build a live COVID dashboard that plots live covid deaths and hospitalizations by country – two of many projects that our students at Riva Learning regularly build.

Join Riva Learning for outstanding coding camps and classes. If your child does not enjoy coding with us or does not learn enough – we will proactively refund the entire fee. No fineprint – you be the judge.

Book a trial session here

Best Coding Classes For Kids with Julie Barber, Director of TechyTots Ltd

Best Coding Classes For Kids with Julie Barber, Director of TechyTots Ltd


TechyTots offers coding classes to children aged 4 + across the UK

We believe that learning to code is as important as learning to read. The earlier children learn to code, the better their chance at success. There are few better ways to prepare your children for the future than to teach them how to code! As children learn how to code, they develop academic skills, confidence, and perseverance.


  • PLAY – At TechyTots we believe using play to establish the early steps of coding is a brilliant way to prepare children for their future.
  • LEARN – Learn with unplugged play and the latest technical toys to gain a wide variety of skills, including problem solving, sequencing and digital confidence.
  • CODE – Coding is a highly valued skill set and a lot of fun to do. TechyTots teaches children the foundational skills needed to begin this exciting journey.

Learning to code with TechyTots, ensures that children are following the national curriculum and having FUN! Our sessions are designed to have a hands-on approach to learning by using robots and other advanced toys. In addition, we use unplugged play and activities, which help to unlock transferable skills such as: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Sequencing, Concentration and Confidence.

Offering community classes and extra-curricular activities, we are proud to be introducing thousands of children to coding every week.

We are all about learning through play, and our franchisees and experienced staff members will ensure you and your children have a great time while learning new skills.

Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/TechyTotsLtd

To find your local TechyTots Class go to techytots.co.uk/book/

Franchise opportunities are available, for more information contact [email protected]

Best Coding Classes For Kids with Clementine Brown, Founder, CodeBrave Tutors

Best Coding Classes For Kids with Clementine Brown, Founder, CodeBrave Tutors

Are you looking for high quality tutors who will get your kids excited to learn coding? This is our no.1 priority at CodeBrave Tutors, where we train our tutors in Educational Psychology and our fun, project-based teaching methodology.

This is why parents give us feedback like this:

  • “Dahlia and Raffi are so enthusiastic about it, they can’t wait for their class.”
  • “Basile is always jumping around in his seat in his class with May and when he finishes he says he’s had so much fun”
  • “My son gets upset and frustrated when he gets things wrong, and the teacher really knew how to deal with that.”

We offer private and group coding and robotics online tutorials for students aged 5-18. The cherry on the top is that for every session you purchase with CodeBrave Tutors, you fund a session for a disadvantaged child in Lebanon through our affiliate charity, CodeBrave.

With CodeBrave Tutors, today’s fun is tomorrow’s success!

About CodeBrave Tutors:

CodeBrave Tutors allows parents worldwide to prepare their children for the future with game-based learning they’ll love and fun and engaging coding and robotics private tutors who always put children first. Founded in 2020, CodeBrave Tutors has already been recognized for its expertise on teaching and mentorship by institutional bodies like the UN and McKinsey who have paid us to train their students and staff.

Some facts about CodeBrave Tutors:

  • Our tutors are chosen based on technical skills, charisma and sense of fun. They go through a rigorous recruitment process and quarterly teacher training, guaranteeing quality and fun classes for children. They are all Microsoft certified.
  • Our classes are always customised to fit students’ objectives, learning rhythms and interests.
  • We have delivered more than 1,900 hours of learning so far
  • We have donated 7,100+ hours of learning to disadvantaged children in Lebanon.

Book a free trial session today!

What age should kids start coding? With Paul Allington, Founder of The Code Zone

What age should kids start coding? With Paul Allington, Founder of The Code Zone

At The Code Zone, we believe that coding is the key to the future; a tool that every child can use to further and enhance all aspects of life. Primary school is great time to start your coding journey and can be fun to experience it with friends.

The UK is currently battling a huge technological skills gap, as coding remains an optional part of the curriculum. By not introducing children to such industries from a young age, technological interests go unnurtured, and they risk losing out in the opportunity to play an active role in the shaping of a world increasingly influenced by the digital sphere.

About The Code Zone

Set up by parents and self-professed geeks Paul and Ashley in 2019, The Code Zone runs exciting online and in-person clubs introducing young people to the diverse, fun world of coding. Our clubs bridge the gap between coding taught in schools and the more exciting reality of coding in the real world.

The Online Hack Club is perfect for beginners and intermediate coders using block-based code concepts through Scratch.

Hack Club £15 a month – self directed learning with access to all hack club games and projects with chat-based help from mentors.

Hack Club Live £35 a month – Join our mentors online once a week for a live hack session. Learn along with the mentor, collaborate and share ideas with others in the group.

Our PyClub is great for experienced coders – and where the real coding starts! Python is used everywhere, it’s a very popular programming language, but it has a bigger learning curve. Using your knowledge from Scratch you’ll be able to speed through the basics and work your way to pro-coder, and maybe even a career!

PyClub £25 a month – Self-directed learning, access to all PyClub games and projects, videos, and tutorials, with chat-based help from online mentors.

PyClub Live £50 a month – Join our mentors online once a week for a live python and hack session. Code and hack along with the mentor, collaborate and share ideas with others in the group.

Sign up today for a free account and free trial on to any of clubs! www.thecodezone.co.uk/join

What is coding? With Holly Davies, founder of STEM Venturi.

What is coding? Coding is logical thinking, problem solving, and creativity…and it appeals to a lot more people than you might think! Learning the concepts behind coding, including pattern recognition, loops, inputs and outputs, how to problem solve and when to break challenges down into more manageable chunks, can help students to better understand the world around them.

We all interact daily with technology through our computers, phones, and games consoles. Do you know how they work? At STEM Venturi, we would recommend that students are introduced to coding concepts as soon as they start using this technology. This means that as they learn more skills, their confidence grows and then we see students bringing their incredible ideas to life using design skills and coding in our sessions.

Ultimately, today’s students are going to have even more technology around them than we currently do. We should encourage them to understand it, and to have fun along the way!

About STEM Venturi

Are you a parent, teacher or caregiver who knows that technology is fundamental to your kids future? Would your child thrive on learning skills that enable them to bring their ideas to life?

At STEM Venturi we teach 3D design, coding, game design and more through our vibrant mix of in-person after-school clubs, technology clubs, and online courses. Our Midlands based organisation is led by a mother, engineer and maker Holly Davies. Get in touch today to see how Holly can prepare you and your kids for your digital future!

Find out more at stemventuri.org

“Rather than being adult led, the sessions are very much child driven which is refreshing and much needed. The relaxed, supportive environment in which she can create and explore is brilliant. She loves that she gets to choose what she works on. ” Emma

“ComputerXplorers leads the way in providing innovative computing classes for primary school age children” Griffin Cheng founder ComputerXplorers Manchester

Our classes can be offered as specialist, high quality extra-curricular or after school computing clubs or in a variety of ways during the school day. All aspects of the computing curriculum can be covered including unplugged activities, programming and coding, the innovative application of IT, creative digital literacy, and e-safety.

During the school day ComputerXplorers can provide added value PPA cover, technology workshops and enrichment activity theme days, a solution to cover planned absences or a full-service provider to cover the Computing Curriculum to the whole school or specific year groups.

Outside term time we also offer holiday clubs in private or school venues, Home-schooling workshops, personal tutoring, birthday parties and Brownies/Guides/Cubs/Scout workshops for badge attainment.

Why choose ComputerXplorers?

  1. Over 15 year-experience to refine our unrivalled approach to technology education
  2. Innovative fun and engaging topics
  3. Easy to plan and hassle-free to run
  4. We bring along everything you need including hardware, software, and accessories.
  5. Fully aligned with the computing national curriculum
  6. Tailored STEM-based workshops
  7. DBS enhanced checked and experienced teachers
  8. Engaging and interactive topics
  9. Suitable for all primary school ages and abilities including special needs and gifted and talented children

Some of our innovative topics;

  • Edison Robotics
  • BBC Micro:bit
  • Python for beginners
  • Programming with Minecraft
  • Game design with Roblox
  • Digital animation
  • Swift Playground (Apple inc)

Regardless of ability or needs 100% of children can participate within our classes.

Website: https://computerxplorers.co.uk/manchester/

Coding from Age 3–11: it’s as easy as ABC!

Coding from Age 3–11: it’s as easy as ABC!

Learning to code doesn’t have to be complicated.

Using songs, jokes, stories and games aligned with the National Curriculum, we equip 3–11 year-olds with the skills they need to thrive in a world ruled by technology.

Beginner and experienced term-time courses plus holiday workshops now booking. Small group sizes and individual classes available.

Website: https://www.mama.codes/

We hope you enjoyed reading about all what age should kids start coding? and the best coding classes for kids. Search for Coding Classes Near Me on the Club Hub Website or App Now – https://clubhubuk.co.uk/kids-activities-near-me/

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