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6 Baking Ideas to Try for Christmas

Published on 17th October 2022 by Tessa Robinson

Christmas is the perfect time to make different treats, be it cakes and cookies or gingerbread. If you’re after some easy recipes to try out with your kids this year however, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we have 6 baking ideas you can try this Christmas that this private college in North London has shared with us – ideal no matter what your age!

6 Baking Ideas to Try for Christmas

1. Cinnamon Shortbread

Both an easy and firm favourite recipe is making shortbread. It’s easy to get the kids involved – all you need is flour, butter and sugar and some cookie cutters. If you have Christmas trees or star cutters then even better! Once the shortbread is cooked you can sprinkle as much cinnamon sugar over the top as you use, if you’ve not already added ground cinnamon to the original recipe.

2. Chocolate gingerbread trees

Again, this requires a lot of different cookie cutters that should be Christmas-themed if you can help it. Instead of the usual gingerbread you will now be adding cocoa powder alongside the usual gingerbread recipe. If you like you can also make icing to pile the biscuits on top of each other for that added effect.

3. White chocolate fudge

While the prep time is really quick and great for kids to get involved in there is a long wait time afterwards! In fact, we recommend putting the fudge in overnight once you’ve made the recipe so that it chills sufficiently. This can be something you and the kids can do together after dinner with a little sweet treat to keep them going while they wait for the fudge to harden. You can also add other parts to your fudge – like raspberry jam, chocolate chunks or nuts.

4. Reindeer cupcakes

This is an easy way to grab a cupcake kit, or make the cakes from scratch, with pretzels (chocolate coated optional), some chocolate buttons and pipe icing. Let your child decorate each cupcake in their own unique way. Sure, they might look a bit messy, but how can they learn if they don’t have a go?

5. Christmas cookie cakes

This involved making a series of cookies, some really large and some much smaller, to build in a stack and add icing in between. Getting your child involved in this process will be heaps of fun, as you can let them decorate each cookie and help you put together the “cake”. This is a good choice when it comes to baking Christmas treats – if your children aren’t too keen on cinnamon and fruit then this is a safe bet.

6. Stained glass window biscuits

This involves hard boiled sweets and any kind of biscuit recipe you prefer – whether that’s gingerbread or a classic biscuit recipe. You must cook the biscuits first, and then place the boiled sweet in the gap you’ve made in the centre. You can break up the sweets individually or place the sweet as it is in the middle, but let your kids decide what colours they’d like to go with to add to the fun!

There are plenty of different recipes you should try with your child and there’s always opportunity for new ideas and sweet treats to plan for around the dinner table on Christmas Day. Why not try these and see how they come out?

Thank you to Brampton College private college in North London for providing us with ‘6 Baking Ideas to Try for Christmas’. New to Club Hub? Check out our directory to locate kids activities across the UK now!

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