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Autism Awareness Month – World Autism Day

Published on 30th March 2020 by Tessa Robinson

The thirteenth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2020. Join us and help us spread awareness and increase acceptance. Looking for kids activities for autistic children? Check out our website or app.

Jajaja Books

Jajaja BooksA book written by Genevieve Yusuf and the Multi-schools Council about the day in the life of a child with special education needs.

This book was written to break down perceptions of children with SEN and has lovely themes of kindness, empathy and inclusion.

Buy Now! 

The SEN Resources Blog

The SEN Resources BlogI’m Georgina, former teacher and mum of 2. I set up the award winning, Special Educational Needs Resources Blog. Which is visited by thousands per week.

The SEN Resources Blog is a Website for parents and teachers of children with Special Educational Needs. We share advice, learning activities to help develop key skills (numeracy, literacy, communication, fine motor, gross motor etc) as well as recommended resources.

Due to schools closing because of Coronavirus we have also set up daily free home learning videos on YouTube ‘Ways To Learn Through Play At Home’ to help primary aged children continue learning at home. Activities are play based and fun and include activities such as making a post box, maths games with cars and our favourite…vinegar and bicarbonate of soda volcanoes!  We have a Facebook group to share ideas for home learning and support one another through this difficult time which can be found here and you are more than welcome to join.

Georgina’s debut book for parents of children with SEN is due out June 21st and available to pre order now ‘100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play (Fun Activities for Young children with SEN)’  – www.amzn.to/2ZQqPvS 

Twitter – www.twitter.com/senresourceblog

Facebook – www.facebook.com/senresourcesblog

Instagram – www.instagram.com/thesenresourcesblog 

World Autism Awareness Day with My Mood Stars

World Autism Awareness Day My Mood StarsThese 8 adorable plush Mood Stars help children identify and acknowledge the emotions of others as well as themselves.

The My Mood Stars pop on and off their own My Mood Stars board creating games to play and stories to make!

There is Happy Star, Sad Star, Silly Star, Angry Star, Surprised Star, Sleepy Star, Timid Star and Scared Star.

(But you can name them according to the vocabulary you use in your own home)

My Mood Stars have proved to be particularly helpful to those children on the autism spectrum as a visual and tactile toy that can be carried around and cuddled!

Website is www.mymoodstars.co.uk

Facebook www.facebook.com/mymoodstars

Twitter www.twitter.com/mymoodstars

Instagram www.instagram.com/mymoodstars41

World Autism Awareness Day with Rhino UK

World Autism Awareness Day Rhino UKRhino UK are sensory play specialists. And they’re gearing up to celebrate World Autism Day to its fullest!

Sensory activities in the home couldn’t be more important for people on the autistic spectrum right now. These challenging times may have put daily routines on pause, days out may have to be spent inside, and having to limit human contact could become an increasingly distressing situation for some individuals.

Luckily Rhino UK are here to help you out!

We have a whole section of products on our website dedicated to people on the autistic spectrum, which you can find through this link. But we’d also like to highlight one of our favourite products – the Cuddle Ball.

Instead of wrapping your mind up in your problems, why don’t you wrap your arms in and around this comforting and cosy Cuddle Ball. Feel your stress and anxiety disappear, and find yourself falling into warm relaxation.

Made from soft durable fabric the Cuddle Ball is especially cosy to cuddle up with, helping you to feel safe and warm.

Click here to get yours today!

Sensory Treasures

World Autism Awareness Day Sensory TreasuresSensory Treasures create bespoke packs especially for individual use. Considering age, (All Ages) interests, needs and even your favourite colour.

Great for helping through challenging times. For use at home, school, traveling, holidays, appointments etc.

Including ideas for gifts, party bags, Easter and all occasions, available to order for all ages. In a unique bag or basket.

Sets come in a handy cotton drawstring bag, that are ideal for storing and transporting. The basket is brilliant for easy access and comes gift wrapped.

Treasure Baskets are also available for sensory learning with baby. Adapted for individual age.

To find out more: www.sensorytreasures.co.uk

Larger packs are available for sharing, group work, training resources etc.

Looking for ideas and to see more fabulous examples check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/sensorytreasures  

TomTag visual support solutions

World Autism Awareness DayTomTag, from Orkid Ideas, is an award-winning visual support system inspired by Tomas, a young boy with autism.

The TomTag system consists of colourful, sturdy tags, click in buttons and water-resistant symbol stickers. It’s a quick and easy way to make personalised visual schedules, timetables, checklists and reminders – no need for any time-consuming printing or laminating.

TomTag is particularly helpful for children (aged 3 upwards), and young people with autism because it reduces their anxieties and frustrations and makes it easier for them to understand, follow and remember what they need to do.

Portable and robust, TomTag is ideal for use in the home or at school- it’s also just as easy to take it with you when you’re out and about. What’s more, it’s a visual support that children love to use!

Visit www.orkidideas.com for more information about TomTag products, where you can also get free downloads, advice and ideas on how TomTag can help your family.

Special Needs Mouthing Glove with Gummee

World Autism Awareness Day Special Needs Mouthing Glove with GummeeGummee’s mouthing glove is the larger size glove for older children with additional needs such as Autism, Ret Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Global Developmental delay, Cerebral Palsy and many more conditions which cause them to chew their hands.

The large size has also proven to be really useful for Alzheimers patients.

Our mouthing glove helps to protect the skin on the wearers hands, preventing sores from saliva rash and damage from chewing.

Available in three sizes this is the ideal product for young people who’s additional needs cause them to bite and chew.


World Autism Awareness Day with SenseToys

World Autism Awareness DaySenseToys was established 15 years ago and now supplies a whole range  of  visual communication and sensory resources for children  and young people with autism

To help with communication, interaction, sensory play  and daily living skills, run by parents of a son with autism.

See our website for chewy tubes, communication fans, puppets, multi-sensory activities, timetabling resources, sensory balls, dark dens and much much more.


Email [email protected]

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/SenseToys/

Check out our Blog Article: Great activities for autistic children