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Win a Gift Box of all 5 Flavours of Chocolateeha’s Raw Chocolate Bars

Published on 30th October 2017 by Tessa Robinson

Win a Gift Box of all 5 Flavours of Chocolateeha’s Raw Chocolate Bars.

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Understanding Chocolate

According to Mintel, 9 out of 10 people eat chocolate confectionery and 57% of people do so more than once a week, largely unchanged from 2016 despite the negative media attention on sugar. Younger people and women are the most likely to eat chocolate frequently. Are you a mother who often sneaks chocolate out the cupboard so that your children won’t see? Or are you a mother who has banned chocolate from
entering the house to prevent your children from being tempted. Chocolate was banned for me. Due to our family having a high risk of diabetes, our parents did not want to risk bringing chocolate home. However I love chocolate and therefore I wanted to find out why we couldn’t eat chocolate. Sugar is the culprit

Did you know: In the 1500’s chocolate was used as a medicine and an anti-depressant due to its high antioxidant content and nutritional value. We call chocolate a confectionary, so what went wrong? During the 16th Century, sugar was added to chocolate making it absolutely delicious to eat, but also extremely unhealthy. In the 1800’s Lindt took chocolate to new levels by creating smooth luxurious confectionery.

Clean, low glycemic chocolate for your children. My mission was to strip the sugar from chocolate and use natural sweeteners that are low glycemic. I discovered coconut sugar which is made from the coconut tree and has a glycemic index of just 35. This means that when you’re children eat chocolate they wont get a sugar rush and a sudden drop in energy. Coconut sugar is a slow release energy and therefore is perfect for pre/post workout or to perk you up in the afternoon.

Introducing our range of 72% Raw Peruvian Chocolate Bars

  • Made with all natural and organic certified ingredients
  • Low glycemic
  • Available in 5 different flavours
  • With a touch of a superfood – Maca Powder which helps peak productivity
  • Guilt free, better than eating regular dark chocolate!

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