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What activities do teenagers like to do?

Published on 24th August 2020 by Tessa Robinson

Looking for activities for teenagers? Here at Club Hub our directory is filled with thousands of teenage activities so we have spoken to a few providers to tell us a bit more of what might interest them most. 

Performing Arts – Activities for Teenagers

What activities do teenagers like to do?

What activities do teenagers like to do? It’s really important for teenagers to be doing the latest ‘thing’. At Razzamataz, we make sure that we know what the current trends are in dance, acting and singing and make sure that it feels relevant for students. Once teenagers are engaged with the performing arts, they are really open to learn more about its history and we often find that it is the traditional musical theatre shows that teenagers fall in love with.

About Razzamataz Theatre Schools

Razzamataz Theatre Schools was established in 2000 and offers exceptional training in dance, drama and singing for ages 6 months – 18 years, featuring Musical Theatre and Commercial styles, together with exciting opportunities to perform.

Many students have also gained professional performing work ranging from shows in the West End to leading acting roles on TV, thanks to our partnership with an established talent agency.

Razzamataz was created with a simple dream, to make performing arts available to all young people no matter their background or circumstances. We want to give children everywhere the chance to attend classes taught by experienced performers, who can give them the perfect introduction to the most wonderful industry in the world.

Sewing and Fashion – Teenager Activities

Activities for TeenagersTeenagers on a course at Little Hands Design are a mix of abilities, some having started sewing from a younger age and some recently discovered their passion for making and sustainability. Projects are designed to suit all abilities, so even beginners can leave wearing something they have made!

They are taught the skills to be able to up-cycle, repair and make clothes and accessories from scratch. Having the ability to make their own wardrobe empowers, builds confidence and makes their students wear their unique individual creations with pride. Whilst also engaging with the bigger picture of how fashion impacts the globe, making the classes full of discussions on how their actions and voices can change the world and realise the power in sewing!

About Little Hands Design

Little Hands Design is a charity that teaches Climate change through the lense of sustainable fashion and textiles. Teaching the next generation of designers, consumers and decision makers what sustainable fashion is and how to do it. Little Hands Design approaches the fashion industry from the opposite end of the garment creation process. Rather than a focus on research, conception and design drawing, Little Hands finds its niche in providing students with practical skills and a way of approaching problems which enables them to find solutions for themselves. Running after school, Saturday clubs during term times and holiday camps for ages 8-18 years.

Course booking link – www.littlehandsdesign.com/shop/

To see latest creations – www.instagram.com/littlehandsdesign/

Yoga – Activities for Teenagers

What activities do teenagers like to do?According to neuroscientists the adolescent period begins at approx. 12 years and it is believed that the brain continues to develop well in to the early 20s.

What activities do teenagers like to do? Depending on age, gender, interests, culture, demographic and socioeconomic factors there is not a one size fits all answer.

However, statistics show that Social Media sites and communication apps rank extremely high in popularity for Teens. In 2019 97% of 16–24-year olds were reported having at least one social networking profile!

Relationships, dating, and socialising with peers are all important factors for adolescence all of which can be maintained on an online platform. A recent survey of 1,000 youngsters across the UK reveals that the biggest gender gap is in online activity. With 53 per cent of girls spending their free time socialising online, compared with 37 per cent of boys. By contrast 57 per cent of boys said their number one activity was online gaming, compared with 29 per cent of girls.

Online socialising and gaming were most popular (both 44 per cent), followed by socialising with friends (33 per cent).

When Teenagers are switched off from their electronic devices, they may enjoy a variety of leisure activities such as visiting the cinema, shopping, hanging out with friends, pop culture- music, TV programmes, fashion, videos, magazines, books, engaging in sporting activities etc.

About Nyla Yoga

Activities for TeenagersStop scrolling and start unrolling- (your yoga mat!)

Nyla Yoga offers specialist yoga and mindfulness classes for Pre-Teens and Teens from ages 10-18 years in a safe, compassionate, and creative space.

What activities do teenagers like to do? Young people are able to explore the union of yoga presented in  a fun, expressive and age-appropriate way. Our classes are non-competitive and nurture emotional, social, physical, mental well-being. We empower Tweens/ Teens to develop a growth mindset through mindfulness practice, breathing exercises, mindful craft activities, yoga games, meditation, relaxation, movement/ asana, connection and play.

There are many published studies on the benefits of yoga and mindfulness practice such as helping with stress and anxiety management, improving self-regulation, self-efficacy and building physical and mental strength and flexibility. Research shows that practicing yoga improves learning, academic achievement, social cohesion, and emotional literacy in teenagers.

Today’s young people find themselves growing up in challenging times, we aim to restore the balance and harmony through the magic of  yoga!

We hope you enjoyed reading about all these amazing activities for teenagers.

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