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Walk to School Week 2021 – Encouraging Children to Walk to School

Published on 17th May 2021 by Tessa Robinson

Are you ready for Walk to School Week 2021? This year’s challenge will focus on the walking superpowers that benefit individuals, communities and the planet from the 17th of May to the 21st of May. Each day pupils will be introduced to a brand new ‘Walking Superpower’ taking the form of a fun comic-book inspired design. Walking has so many benefits from physical to mental wellbeing; aiding concentration and creativity and creating safer, less polluted and more welcoming streets. All that makes for a happy, healthy child set up for success in and out of the classroom.

The Sparkle Club – Water Bottles

Walk to School Week 2021The Sparkle Club sells children’s shoes, bags and accessories for the Princess in your life. When we select our products we make sure fun, colour and sparkle are high on our list of priorities along with quality and reasonable prices. Walk to School week is a great initiative for children to exercise and get lots of fresh air. It’s been proven that children who do some form of exercise, especially a walk before school, do better in class because they arrive refreshed, fit and ready to learn.

To help and encourage we have some fun water bottles with an offer exclusively for Club Hub discount code HUB for 20% discount off any bottle.

KiDSnav GPS Watch – Walk to School Week 2021

Walk to School Week 2021By wearing a KiDSnav GPS watch, we would encourage children to walk to school. The new KiDSnav watches all support 4G network and video calling. Our GPS watches can show the location of the child to within an accuracy of 5 meters! We have 6 models available to purchase from our website, available in many colours, so we believe that we have a watch that suits every child! 3 of the 6 watches are marketed towards older (8+) children, as they are more mature in appearance, but we have another 3 watches that are marketed for younger children! (5-12). The Paws and Racer especially are popular with younger kids as they are shaped like and animal and race car! All of our watches use our own KiDSnav app, which is available to download free from the Apple store or Google Play. Our watches are supplied with a free sim card and there are no subscription fees.

Please visit our website and contact us via the links below:


Email: [email protected]

The Conqueror – Virtual Challenges

Walk to School Week 2021Walking to school might not be always that fun and motivating… But what about learning cool things along your way, virtually travel to different locations around the world, and receiving a beautifully crafted medal for all your efforts?

Your little or older one might be really excited about this challenge, even if it might require a bit of adult help along the way.

How can all this be possible you might ask? Well, the Conqueror Events created Virtual Challenges — a way to stay motivated to be more active. And it works for children too! All you have to do is sign up, choose one of the locations such as Mount Fuji, Hadrian’s Wall, or the English Channel and download their app.

Each challenge has a number of miles/ km you need to cover, but you can choose your own timeframe, so there is no pressure to finish it fast. It is actually the best system to track your
child’s miles or steps to school. And who knows, your children might ask to walk a little during the weekend too.

The exciting part is that with the help of the app you receive virtual postcards on the way, with interesting information and cool facts; you can track your progress on the map and  even see your virtual location along the way.

The Conqueror also donates toward planting 5 real trees during each challenge so it’s a great incentive for them knowing somewhere in the world there are 5 trees planted just by walking to school.

After finishing the miles/km, the greatest achievement will come in the mail — the finishers medal. It is a great motivator to start walking and being more active — and it’s suitable for the whole family, for any kind of activity.

SEEKERS – Seek out endless adventures with an engaging scavenger hunt game

Looking to discover new and exciting adventures for your little ones as they exercise both body and mind?

SEEKERS is a multi-award-winning magnetic scavenger hunt game that encourages children to search for various objects.

Hunt for the items on the magnets and flip them over once discovered.

For ‘Ben & Holly’ fans – head outside into your own little kingdom with this branded version of the game.

The starter pack includes the ‘Nature Trail’ magnet set – ideal for general outdoor scavenger hunts.

And, with more add-on magnet sets available, SEEKERS’ games can be used time and time again for different hunts in various locations.

Eight add-on sets are currently on the market including: ‘Car Journey’, ‘At the Park’, ‘Shapes & Colours’, ‘Beside the Seaside’ and ‘Minibeasts’.

The target age range for the game is 3 years and above.

Discover endless adventures at

Nature Trail starter pack with magnetic board – £14.99 (excl. P&P)

Add-on magnet sets – £7.97

Also available on Amazon

Walk to School Week 2021 with Move, Laugh & Learn

Walking to school with pre-school aged kiddos?  We’ve come up with a few ideas and tricks to keep them all moving in the right direction!  Plus at Move, Laugh & Learn, you can access over 100 active games and development activities to get the younger kids school ready and smashing all their developmental milestones.

YOU are your child’s first teacher and number 1 role model.  You can be ‘that’ fun parent with us in your kit bag.  We take all the searching and planning off your hands – all you need to do is play!

We Hope you enjoyed reading all about Walk to School Week 2021. New to Club Hub? You Can Find Kids Activities by searching on our App or Website. 

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