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A* Tutors to Relieve Exam Stress – Sierra Tuition

Published on 18th February 2019 by Tessa Robinson

A* Tutors to Relieve Exam Stress – Sierra Tuition

Exam anxiety with Sierra TuitionSierra Tuition

Demotivated, frustrated in class, nervous about upcoming exams but too scared to admit it. SATs and 11+ exams are looming and students are starting to feel the pressure.

Battling with expectations to pass, and their own internal drive to succeed, is exhausting and can take up as much time – if not more – as the actual studying itself.

Often times, students will express their exam anxiety by refusing to study or not focusing in class.

Parents want to do all they can but are sometimes not sure how best to help and are stretched for time with jam-packed, busy schedules.

Inspiring, relatable tutors

In school, Nick loved Maths and tutored local students while studying for his own A level exams.

Tutoring Maths was a dream come true – seeing his students progress was incredibly rewarding and helping them to see Maths the way he did filled him with joy.

He realised that many families could not afford typically expensive private tuition fees and had an idea to change that.

High-achieving students were the perfect tutors: they are inspiring role models, have excellent subject knowledge, know the latest revision and exam techniques and are relatable to younger students too.

He seized the opportunity: recruited A and A* classmates in his Sixth Form to provide affordable one-to-one lessons to students.

Since completing his A levels, Nick has grown Sierra to be a trusted tutoring brand that helps hundreds of students age 7 to 16 across the UK with Maths and English.

Our online, one-to-one tuition lessons work the same way as traditional in-home lessons but are more affordable and more convenient too.

Reducing stress

Students can benefit massively from having a tutor they can relate to. A mentor with first-hand experience on achieving top exam grades, managing exam stress, and improving exam technique when shooting above and beyond their own target grades.

We provide tutors that are role models they can learn from and look up to. It goes a long way for students to know that they have someone in their corner supporting them all the way.

Addressing the core issues and developing a clear and personalised exam prep strategy reduces this anxiety to develop a sense of inner calm – feeling in control and on top of where they need to get to and how to get there.

How we can helpSierra Tuition

We have available spaces for 1-to-1 online lessons for SATs, 11+ and GCSE exam preparation in English & Maths and are taking bookings now in advance of exams this year.

Need a tutor? We’d love to help and can provide a free trial too. Visit our website below or contact us now to secure your free trial.

Sierra – Inspiring Tutors Affordable Prices

W: www.sierratuition.co.uk

T: 0333 050 8231

E: [email protected]

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