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TinyTalk Tamworth & Atherstone – Sponsored by Club Hub UK

Published on 7th August 2017 by Tessa Robinson

TinyTalk Tamworth & AtherstoneA Sign of Success. September is shaping up to an exciting month for Felicity at TinyTalk Tamworth & Atherstone. It sees her celebrating 5 years of running TinyTalk classes. As Felicity embarks on year 6 of her business she is not only continuing to run weekly classes for parents of children from just weeks old up to pre-school learn how to use sign language as a means of pre-verbal communication she is also adding two new areas to her business.

Felicity will soon be across four counties, with classes in Tamworth Staffordshire, Overseal South Derbyshire, Thringstone North-West Leicestershire and Atherstone Warwickshire.

So how did it all start? Here is Felicity’s journey to where she is today………

Question: What do you do when you’ve had a baby and you know if you go back to work you will be working just to pay the nursery fees?

Answer: look for another job.

Another question though, doing what? My answer was TinyTalk Tamworth & Atherstone. Become your own boss by having your own business and be able to take your baby to work with you, PERFECT! Fit it around your family, spot on! Go back to working with children and their families, what more could I ask for.


But what I wasn’t expecting was that, in the time between having telephone conversations with various people from TinyTalk, a telephone interview and being invited to an information day, my husband would leave me and our beautiful 6-month-old baby boy. My whole world came crashing down and all could think about was that it was my sole responsibility to provide for us both.

So, with this bomb shell having been dropped less than 3 weeks ago, I set off to Guildford. I met the fantastic TinyTalk team at Head Office and some other ladies all wanting to do the same as me (I didn’t let on what had happened and the hardest thing was leaving my baby boy at home with my parents for the day). I had a great day and knew even more now that I NEEDED to do this for not just my son but for me. I needed something to focus on, I just hoped they thought I was worthy of joining TinyTalk as a franchisee.

Good news, yes!

I was going to be going to the training day to get set for my voyage into the world of small business and TinyTalk. So back to Guildford for training day, lots of information but lots of fun too. Training day completed and I’m a TinyTalk Teacher all ready to go. Busily I got planning, finding venues, advertising and taking bookings and enquiries. All scary but great at the same time, and still coming to terms with the change in my life, moving to a new house and becoming a single Mum.

Why TinyTalk Tamworth & Atherstone then?

TinyTalk Tamworth & AtherstoneWell…………………… “I’ve see how worthwhile and brilliant TinyTalk baby signing is as a means of communication first hand, both as a childcare professional and as a mum. In my job as a Nursery Nurse I used baby signing to aid in the development of communication with children under the age of 18 months and saw how this helped their all-round development by giving them the confidence to express their needs. As a mum, I have enjoyed seeing the pleasure Thomas gets from the classes and felt the jubilation at seeing him sign for the first time to ask for his milk.”

But TinyTalk has been more than that, it has been my saviour.

If I hadn’t had TinyTalk I wouldn’t have had something else to keep me going each day. It has meant I can be a provider for my little boy, I have learned lots along the way about myself and others, new skills and something I can pass on to not just my little boy but to other families. I have met like minded people and have now got some great friends and colleagues.

So, this was 5 years ago (2012) and my how things (and I) have changed.

My beautiful baby boy is almost now 5 and a half. He is not only a confident communicator but an all-round confident little boy, able to express himself and I can only put that down to the head start TinyTalk gave him. I can sign to him from a distance now to remind him of things or to check he is ok and its great!

I have added to my TinyTalk credentials by now having Toddler classes, being a trainer for the Organisational Training team, I am a mentor for new teachers joining TinyTalk and am the Projects Coordinator for the company.

With a little belief, anything is possible!

To find out more about TinyTalk Tamworth & Atherstone classes with Felicity visit our website or contact her by email  [email protected]

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