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The Best Buys for the Tooth Fairy

Published on 29th March 2021 by Tessa Robinson

Are you looking for The Best Buys for the Tooth Fairy? We have spoken to a few amazing small businesses to tell us all about their products for the Tooth Fairy. Thoroughly recommend visiting their websites and having a further look.

Rekindle the magic of childhood, where you believed in everything and everything was possible…

The Best Buys for the Tooth FairyFairies of Tranquility work to create a little magic in a world where imagination has no limits. Our pieces are hand-crafted from locally foraged, natural materials and then beautifully decorated just for you, helping to create a magical fairy world, where dreams can come alive…

Spending a lot of my childhood in Ireland, I was surrounded by magical stories and fairy tales, and after studying fine art, I decided to try to bring the magic of my childhood to others by creating enchanting fairy houses, fairy furniture and fairy doors. I hope to inspire people to create a little corner for the fairies in their life. If you listen very carefully, sometimes on a moonlit night you can hear the trees whispering and the sound of music, tinkling bells and laughter echoing from among the leaves…

We work very closely with the Tooth Fairy to create unique and magical Tooth Fairy Gift Sets. Each set includes a tiny acorn basket filled with sparkling moss – the perfect place for the little tooth to be laid waiting for the Tooth Fairy visit. A personalised, fairy handwritten scroll, together with either a magical little fairy wand or bottle of fairy dust with a tiny charm is also included. Each set can be personalised with your Child’s name and a special message can be written on the scroll for them. A magical delight awaits… Dream, imagine and believe…

Use the code CLUBHUB10 for 10% off on my website.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or custom requests – [email protected]




Tooth Fairy Kit with Creative Cotton Bags

The Best Buys for the Tooth FairyCreative Cotton Bags came about when I struggled to find lovely, thoughtful, affordable gifts for my 4 childrens friends. I hate the throwaway mentality of plastic toys and think that children should be encouraged to do things like baking and gardening, after all these are simple things that follow us into adulthood!

I started off just making printed cotton party bags that I supplied to a number of events companies and then diversified into craft kits for children. Santa sacks shortly followed, then tooth fairy and dummy fairy sets and most recently personalised superhero sets.

I am a massive fan of “traditions” and of things becoming heirlooms. My, now, adult children still have the Santa sacks I printed them when they were very young. I think the tooth fairy is a lovely tradition that should excite and fascinate all young children.

With my sets I offer 2 different sets in both pink and blue.

The tooth fairy kit includes:

  • White cotton drawstring bag with fairy and poem on reverse
  • Tooth fairy letter
  • Tooth receipt
  • 55mm badge
  • Tooth fairy calling card
  • Bottle of magic glitter
  • The extensive kit includes:
  • A pink tooth fairy bag
  • A door hanger
  • 3 tooth fairy receipts
  • 3 envelopes
  • 55mm badge

Please do take a look at what I do. I often get asked for bespoke sets and my most recent request was for a personalised potty training set. To date my dummy fairy kits have achieved 100% success.

The Best Buys for the Tooth Fairy

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Bundle of Five Encouraging Letters from The Tooth Fairy including The special First Tooth letter !

The Best Buys for the Tooth FairyLet these Eco Friendly encouraging letters from the Tooth Fairy help you help your little ones keep their teeth really clean whilst also igniting magic and wonder .

The first letter has 4 things that your child needs to do to ensure that The Tooth Fairy will continue to collect their teeth !

  • 1/ brush your teeth twice a day
  • 2/ choose healthy snacks
  • 3/ drink water
  • 4/ smile

The next four letters have their own encouraging messages . This interactive Eco friendly set also comes with three foraged wood stepping stones to show the fairy the way , 5 little bits of treasure for the fairy to leave with her letter ,5 tiny envelopes , some magic fairy dust ( for the fairy to show that she’s been ) a beech nut husk and a handy organza bag to keep it all in.

Enjoy the magic and wonder as your little one leaves their tooth and the stepping stones then goes to sleep peacefully and excited for the morning , and then they wake up to find not only a tiny bit of treasure , may be a coin and this tiny little letter . . .

Very best fairy wishes

Anneli from My Tiny Little Studio

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We Hope you enjoyed reading about The Best Buys for the Tooth Fairy. Looking for Kids Activities near you? Check out our Website. 

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