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Published on 6th May 2018 by chrisryu

Rachel Williams who runs Monkey Music classes in East Sheen, Chiswick and Hammersmith, has been recognised with a top award in the annual Monkey Music Franchise Awards 2018.

MONKEY MUSICThe Newcomer of the Year award recognises Rachel’s outstanding contribution to Monkey Music – the UK’s favourite music classes for babies and young children. More than 185 children now attend classes in East Sheen, Chiswick and Hammersmith, and Rachel’s dedication to giving her families a fun and educational musical learning experience every week was, in the opinion of the judges, exceptional.

“I’m delighted to receive this award, I love my work – sharing the wonder of music with young families is always a pleasure. I look forward to welcoming many more new babies and young children to Monkey Music very soon!” Rachel Williams, Principal

Monkey Music caters for children from as young as 3 months to 4 years, in age-specific MONKEY MUSICclasses, gently encouraging social and musical skills in a stimulating and friendly environment. Classes are small and tailor-made, captivating children with a combination of catchy music, percussion instruments, visual props and lots of energy.

Early exposure to singing, listening to and playing music can sharpen up a whole range of educational skills. Language and numerical skills flourish through action songs and rhymes; fine motor skills are refined through playing hand held percussion instruments, while an awareness of space and one another is developed through movement. The children’s confidence and self-esteem grows rapidly as their involvement in the group increases.

Monkey Music Age-Specific Classes

Rock & Roll – from 3 months

Gentle classes, designed specifically for mums, dads and very young babies to share together. Magical sounds and sensory props give this class the ‘wow’ factor.

Heigh-Ho – from 12 months

Young toddlers love being up on their feet so lots of dancing and moving encourages the children to explore the space around them and express the music they hear. Colourful props capture the imagination, plus there are lots of instruments to play.

MONKEY MUSICJiggety-Jig – for 2+3 year olds

By this stage, children can really express the joy that music brings them.  They sing, dance, play, move, tell stories, speak, and listen to music together. Confidence is soaring!

Ding-Dong – for 3+4 year olds

Now that their ears have been ‘finely tuned’ Monkey Music teaches them what music means when they see it written down, and to explore instruments from the orchestra. All this along with high energy songs and laughter.

It’s a winning formula that has won Monkey Music many thousands of fans throughout the country!

If you’d like to know more about your local classes or to book a FREE class contact Rachel: [email protected] or visit the Monkey Music website at: www.monkeymusic.co.uk

Nurturing a Lifetime of Music.

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