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Lights Camera Code

Published on 20th August 2018 by Tessa Robinson

Lights Camera Code combines coding and film-making into unique workshops.

Lights Camera Code

We challenge the children to collaborate, problem-solve and create their way through problems.

These workshops use a range of coding and film-making techniques to help children explore their creative side whilst preparing them for a world that speaks in code.

Our workshops will allow your child to go on an adventure with robots; create their own world AND view it through virtual reality technology; and build their own film-making equipment before coding it to deliver tracking and panning shots.

We specialise in bringing coding and film-making skills to children aged 7-13.  Our company’s cornerstones are collaboration, problem-solving and creation and from these, we have developed a range of successful workshops. We teach children 21st century skills through STEM and arts based activities and we inspire children to continue learning beyond our workshops.

What Lights Camera Code Do…

  • After school clubs including coding, film-making, neuro-science, music production and robotics.
  • School holiday full-day workshops
  • Whole day staff training on implementing the three strands of the computing curriculum
  • CPD after school sessions for staff modelling coding and film-making lessons linked to pedagogy
  • Bespoke curriculum mapping through the lens of individual school software and equipment

Choose the workshop you think suits your child best by visiting www.mrgbooks.com/lightscameracode

Please do not hesitate in emailing us if you’re unsure: [email protected]

Twitter: @lightscamcode

Insta: @lightscameracode

Facebook: lights camera code

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