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Lights Camera Code

Published on 20th August 2018 by Tessa Robinson

Lights Camera Code combines coding and film-making into unique workshops.

We challenge the children to collaborate, problem-solve and create their way through problems.

These workshops use a range of coding and film-making techniques to help children explore their creative side whilst preparing them for a world that speaks in code.

13th August – 31st August 2018 at St John’s Upper Holloway, Archway.

Our workshops will allow your child to go on an adventure with robots; create their own world AND view it through virtual reality technology; and build their own film-making equipment before coding it to deliver tracking and panning shots.

Choose the workshop you think suits your child best by visiting www.mrgbooks.com/lightscameracode

Please do not hesitate in emailing us if you’re unsure: [email protected]

Twitter: @lightscamcode

Insta: @lightscameracode

Facebook: lights camera code

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