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What are the key aspects of getting your child ready for school?

Published on 12th November 2017 by Tessa Robinson

What are the key aspects of getting your child ready for school? At Bright Kids we work with our children in nursery and pre-school to prepare them for the next stage of their learning, which is usually going off to school. However, there is so much more that can be done at home by parents that will support children in this big transition.

We have talked with our local schools and there are some core skills that schools would like children to have before entering school and these can loosely be split into 6 main areas, which are:

• Getting Dressed
• Maths
• Phonics
• Life Skills
• Social Skills
• Attitude

There are plenty of things parents can do at home to get their child ready for school

• making games out of putting their clothes on inside out
• practice counting actual objects rather than just using the number names
• not being worried about reading and writing but working on sounds in words
• making sure your child can independently wipe their nose, wash & dry their hands and can ask to go to the toilet
• getting them used to large groups of children by socialising with more children in unfamiliar places
• getting your children into regular routines, morning and evening, talking to them about their feelings as well

These are just a few ideas that will help your child in their transition to school. Talking with the nursery or pre-school and working with them is essential to making this a fun time for your child. Listen to their advice and seek support if you are unsure about anything.

We wish all of our children a successful transition to school .

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