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Create Your Child’s Dream Bedroom with Fun Furniture Collection!

Published on 29th April 2019 by Suzanna Mazzone

Child's Dream Bedroom

Create Your Child’s Dream Bedroom with Fun Furniture Collection! A child’s bedroom is a very special place, and a place which your child can spend hours playing, having fun & chilling out. Its important that it is not only fun, but a place in the home that they can call their own and somewhere they can put their own stamp on.

This is why we absolutely love “Fun Furniture Collection” by The Art of Seeing. They combine a passion for motor vehicles with the love of furniture design, resulting in a unique collection of bespoke, hand-made vehicle based furniture for children. Imagine your very own bus bed! Custom made, with personalised number plates! There would be no more bedtime battles that is for sure.

(Routemaster bunk bed)

Fun items of furniture allow children to be children and good build quality allows the furniture to be passed down to future generations of children to do the same thing.

Their furniture is an eclectic range from Camper Van Bunk Beds to Petrol Pump Storage Units. Exclusively designed and hand-made in the UK.

Take a look at these amazing pieces of furniture by Fun Furniture Collection and prepare to be truly inspired to create your Child’s Dream Bedroom. 

Bay Camper Bunk Bed

Meet our iconic Bay camper van bunk bed with its surfboard ladder and sliding door which opens just like the real thing. Perfect for the +5 age group surf dudes. Available in single bed version.

Land Rover 90 Bunk bed

Copyright: Interhouse design and Procter photography

Safari dreams in your very own off road Land Rover 90 bunk bed.

Where will your dreams take you?

This bed is also available as a single bed option with a smaller roof rack to store all the essentials of your adventures.

Route Master Bunk Bed

Child's Dream Bedroom

Copyright: Daily Mail

This true London Route Master Bunk bed with steps up to the top deck making sure you get an amazing view of London in your dreams.  The destination can be your choice as everything is handmade to order.

Split Screen Twin Cab Pick up Single bed

Child's Dream Bedroom

Copyright: Carly Bradshaw

Our latest bed is the mid sleeper Split Screen Twin Cab Pick up Single bed with all the details and more. Look in the engine compartment and find lots of under bed storage space, also accessed by a hatch on each side.  

Rolls Royce Phantom 1 1929 Theme bed (Exclusive)

Copyright: Mick Cookson Photography

Child's Dream Bedroom

The pinnacle of luxury sleeping. Made to highlight the talents of our company.

With thanks to the kind permission of Rolls –Royce PLC for allowing us to produce a one off bespoke Rolls –Royce bed.

This unique bed includes substantial storage in the engine compartment and a removable picnic basket toy box to the rear, opening front doors, perspex windscreen and detailed dashboard. The Rolls-Royce bed measures in total 4m long by 1.44m wide by 1.22m high. Ideal for your little princess or prince.

The company also make bespoke playhouses, toyboxes & desks. All of their bespoke theme beds are handmade from furniture grade plywood and also from MDF.

If you would like to order a piece of furniture they ask up to 1 month* on each order. *Order time may change due to production demand.

Child's Dream Bedroom

Please visit their website for more information

call: +44 (0) 161 708 8028

We thought we would also include some other top tips to help create your Child’s Dream Bedroom

Child’s Dream Bedroom idea 1: Blackboard paint!

To help create your Child’s Dream Bedroom why not add a simple DIY blackboard. You can pick up some blackboard paint from any DIY store or online and paint a small square of their bedroom. They will have hours of fun with chalks and for older kiddies it will encourage them to organise themselves with ‘to do lists’ etc.

Child’s Dream Bedroom idea 2: Make a Den

Another very simple idea to help create your Child’s Dream Bedroom could be to make a den. Every child loves a hideout. Dens can be made very easily but will give your child so much joy. Tepee Dens look amazing and can be made from literally a sheet and a few long sticks tied together! Look here at this youtube video for an inspirational DIY tepee Den (no drill, no sew).


Child’s Dream Bedroom idea 3 Dreamcatchers

Legends say that the spider web design of the dream catcher would allow only good dreams to pass through. The good dreams float down the hanging beads and feathers to sleeping children. Bad dreams, however, would be caught in the web. As the first rays of the morning sun hit the dream catcher, the bad dreams would disappear

If you would like to have a go at making a dreamcatcher there are so many tutorials online, here is a great one [

Alternatively we think these dreamcatchers are also lovely if you would like to buy one.

Child’s Dream Bedroom idea 4 beanbags & pillows

There are many different types of beanbags and pillows available. Some of which can be purchased at very afforable prices online or even better if you have some sewing machine skills! A big beanbag can make a room so much more chilled and comfy and if you want to brighten up a room go for that bright, colourful design! This is a fantastic way to help make your child comfortable and create your Child’s Dream Bedroom.

Child’s Dream Bedroom idea 5

Title Here

– Upcycle

We are huge fans of upcycling! So if you ever felt an urge to upcycle something why not get creative in your kids rooms!

Maybe you have a cot your baby has outgrown, what about transforming it in to a desk, or turning it upside down to create a storage playhouse, or even shelving.

Child's Dream Bedroom

Read more here

We hope you have enjoyed reading about how to create your Child’s Dream Bedroom. Please share your own creations with us on our Facebook, twitter or instagram!

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