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£195 per 12 week course
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Touch Type IT!

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Days: Remote learning so any day

Times: flexible learning

Age Range: 9 - 90

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£195 per 12 week course
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Activity Description

Touch Type IT! provide lessons remotely and in person. Each student will be supported by a tutor who will provide help and feedback. The class can also be taken for your Duke of Edinburgh skills award.

Touch typing can help children
• to work faster
• to type at the speed of thought to capture ideas (adding structure later)
• to learn the spelling of key words unconsciously through muscle memory rather than repetitive learning processes which might not work or be remembered
• to be more accurate
• to concentrate
• to learn a skill that will help them at school or in the work place
Processing challenges

If you or your child struggles with handwriting or has a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ASD or any other processing challenges then touch typing can really help.
Touch typing on a computer is very different from writing with a pen and uses a different brain process. Touch typing has more in common with dancing, swimming and sport and is a physical rather than academic skill. It can become an unconscious and automatic skill, where your brain uses a process of muscle memory (memory through repetition).
Touch typing can help reinforce phonics knowledge, using new found muscle memory to learn word spellings, making the writing process less frustrating. Spelling becomes a series of patterns and finger movements rather than a sequence of letters to remember. Repeated exposure to certain key words during a typing course can help children become more familiar with those words, helping them to spell and sight read.
Any spelling mistakes that are made, can easily be corrected without the stigma of rubbing out marks or messy crossing out. Touch typing is a transferable skill, useful for school work, exams and later working life.

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Life Skills
Activity Location
Address: Online
City: London
Town: Harrow
Post Code: HA2 0JT

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