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Summer Camp with Mother Nature Science SE London

| , , | Max Participants: 15 | Age Range: 5-11

Club Description

Days: Monday to Friday

Times: 09:00-15:30

Four different themes over seven themes this Summer Holiday!

For example….Week E: Science Factory!

Day 1> Crazy Constructions!
As well as building bonds between other campers your children will become mini engineers! Looking at the science behind bridges, boats and balancing objects your child will work in teams and by themselves to master the art of construction. Strong Boats- Buoyancy – Create a boat and compete for the ‘Strongest Boat’! Bridge Busters-Strength in shape, can you design straw bridges strong enough? Balancing on a Pin Head- Strength and center of gravity, make a balancing toy! Puzzle-tastic- Train your brain and make your own clever puzzles!

Day 2> Earth Energy!
Taking on a slightly environmental theme this day explores the science behind the renewable energy found in wind, water, and the sun. The kids will be led in each of these sessions and will have a chance to build their own windmills, water wheels and mini solar powered ovens! Powerful Wind- Create your own wind vane learn about renewable energy! Heat Trap- Investigate the ozone and its gases-make mini a solar oven! Powerful Water-How fast can you spin it? Make a water wheel to take home! Balloon Hovercrafts- Overcome friction, make your own hovercraft!

Day 3> Superpower Forces!
During this day your child will be discover the science behind the forces of flight, magnetism and pneumatics! Exploring these topics, the children will build their own kites, spinning objects and pneumatic toys. Push Me, Pull You- Pneumatics! Launch rockets and move objects using air! Kite Design- Overcome the forces of gravity and build your own stunt kite! Unidentified Spinning Object- Use magnetic fields to create ‘Unidentified Spinning Objects!

Day 4> Illusions & Vibrations!
Here we will play with our perceptions as we encounter strange noises and curious visual illusions! We will learn the science behind sound and demonstrate this by making our famous tube tubas, as well as understanding how our brains can be tricked by making special magic money boxes. Tube Tubas-Make your own tuba while picking up some (good) vibrations! Can You Hear Me- The passage of sound & how can we hear through walls? Magic Money Box – Delve into the science behind illusions, then make a ‘magic money box’!

Day 5> Freaky Matter!
We learn about the intriguing properties of the 3 states of matter and even get to make our very own candles! Children will also learn how to bend light and will get to gaze into space before bedtime as they leave the camp with their own miniature telescopes! Create a Candle-Study Solids, liquids & gases by making your own candles! Star Gazing- Convex and concave lenses, build a mini telescope! Let’s Talk Rubbish-Reduce, reuse and…recycle as you make your own paper! Flying High-The many forces in flight! Build your own mini-stunt glider!

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Team Building
Social Skills
Life Skills
Club Location
Address: Liverpool Grove, London, UK
City: London
Town: Walworth
Post Code: SE17 2HH

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£295 per week
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