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Summer Camp with Mother Nature Science SE London

| , , | Max Participants: 15 | Age Range: 5-11

Club Description

Days: Monday to Friday

Times: 09:00-15:30

Four different themes over seven weeks over the Summer Holidays! Loads of different activities.

For example….Week C: Science Explorer

Day 1> Mystery & Mini Monsters!
After watching a cool science challenge show, discover techniques used to fight crime including chromatography and forensics! Then investigate a world of creepy crawlies and investigate adaptations and reasons behind their form. Science Challenge Show- Scientists come head to head to come up with the best science experiment done in a classroom! Leaky Pens- Investigate the science of chromatography and create an origami artwork! Who’ Dun’ it? Solve the crime using simple scientific forensic techniques! Butterflies and Mini Beasts- Camouflage your butterfly so it can hide from our hungry bird!

Day 2> Whole Wide World!
Get launched into our solar system and get an understanding of just how big it really is! Study magnets and magnetic fields, including building your own compasses and challenge each other in hands on games. Pendulum of Fear- Things can’t swing forever, make a wave pendulum model! Super-Sized Space– Investigate the solar system and let’s make a glow-in-the-dark solar system mobile Show Me the Way- Discover magnetic fields and make a floating compass! Let’s Go Fishing- Discover magnetism with your own magnetic fishing rod.

Day 3> Wave Motion!
Explore the invisible world of wind, waves and energy by constructing your own mini wave cannons, not forgetting a looking into the exciting world of electrons in lightening and how everything can be turned on its head! Upside Down World– Study lenses and light in your own take-home pinhole camera! Plasma Ball- Observe electrical conduction through fascinating experiments! Wild Wind- Explore Thunderstorms and Tornadoes. Let’s make a fantastic wind indicator! Wave Motion- Fire your wave cannon and make links to sound and light travel!

Day 4> Elemental Magic!
We look at the science behind high and low temperatures with special paper and our mystical dry ice! Surface tension together with the importance of the elements for plant growth is revealed! Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot- Let’s look at the effect of temperature and make our own thermometer! How Does Your Garden Grow? Look at greenhouse gases- Build your mini grass head with a greenhouse hat! Elastic Water- Water tension – how strong is it? Take home a soap boat to test it for yourself! The Mystery Gas- Enjoy mysteries of our dry ice & watch fantastic experiments!

Day 5> Fruity Lenses!
Can fruit really make a circuit light up? We’ll see in this day packed full of reflecting, refracting and changing the direction of light in constructing periscopes, bug viewers and even creating our own thaumatropes! Loopy Lenses- Enter a micro-world and design your own bug magnifiers. Let’s Go to The Movies- The world of animation: Thaumatropes, Zoetropes, Kinetropes and more. Fruit Batteries- Light up LED’s, use pennies, nails & fruit- batteries not required! Periscope Down- Diffraction, Refraction and Light Rays- Make your own periscope!

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Team Building
Social Skills
Life Skills
Club Location
Address: Colnbrook Street, London, UK
City: London
Town: London
Post Code: SE1 6HA

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£295 per week
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