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Rhythm time – Preston (Mums2be) Tues

| , | Max Participants: 15 | Age Range: 0-.6

Club Description

Days: Tues

Times: 11Am

Music classes for Babies, Toddlers and Pre- school children throughout the UK. Help develop confidence, creativity and coordination

Young babies – From birth to 6 months
If you have a newborn baby under 6 months, this is a fabulous course created specifically to enhance their early development.

In their first few months, your baby’s main neural pathways are formed in their brain.  So this is the perfect time to help stimulate all their senses with our fun, multi-sensory sessions.

Babies 6months – 15months
In this music-based course, we’ll show you lots of special bonding and development activities that both you and your young baby will love.  These 30-minute classes will help to stimulate baby’s vision and hearing, promote deeper sleep, improve muscle tone, flexibility and circulation, introduce them to ‘tummy time’, plus LOTS more. 

You’ll also meet other lovely parents and their young babies.
Come and make new friends and have fun whilst helping your baby develop!

Unborn babies can hear, feel, see, taste and remember.  So it’s never too early for your gorgeous little baby to enjoy the wonders of music!  We’ll also give you your very own Baby Book and Progress Ladder (included in your fee) to help you on your way.

Our award-winning multi-sensory baby classes will help your little one’s:

Language development (singing)
Eye tracking/ balance (dancing)
Muscle development (exercise)
Bonding and relaxation (massage)
Hand/eye co-ordination and speech development (exploration)
Social skills – meeting and sharing with their little friends!
Start your baby’s musical journey by booking your class now!
Toddlers (15months – 3years)
Your toddler’s confidence, creativity and co-ordination will flourish with our fun, quality toddler sessions.  Watch them advance as they:

Explore different percussion sounds, enhance co-ordination and develop a sense of pulse
Build their confidence and self-expression through dance
Develop listening skills and a musical ear
Practise rhymes to develop speech
Learn to listen and concentrate
Find their singing voice and learn to sing in tune
Your toddler can sing along to our fabulous songs at home with our Rhythm Time CDs (included with each toddler course).

Your toddler’s development matters!  So come along and join in the fun.  Book your class now.
Watch your pre-schooler start to ooze confidence and develop their skills even more as they prepare for school. (Don’t worry, you’ll still have your Rhythm Time friends to meet up with when this finally happens!) 

And WOW – what an amazing array of skills your pre-schooler will have learned at Rhythm Time!  From conducting, reading musical signs and playing simple pieces of music to singing individually – these classes will pull everything together and give your pre-schooler a really firm musical foundation!  Hey, who knows, they might even end up being a famous musician or singer! (Watch this space – some of our ex-Rhythm Timers have nearly found fame already!)

All our music classes are in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Your pre-schooler will also get a special Rhythm Time folder to keep all their handouts in!

Book your pre-school class now and help with their development!

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Team Building
Hand-eye Co-ordination
Social Skills
Club Location
Address: 2 Redsands Drive Fulwood
City: Lancashire
Town: Preston
Post Code: PR2 6GG

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£5.50 per session
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