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October Halfterm Camp with Mother Nature Science SE London (Peter Hills C of E Primary School)

| , , | Max Participants: 20 | Age Range: 5-11

Club Description

Days: Monday to Friday

Times: 09:00-15:30

Spooky Science!
This spooky Halloween themed 5-day camp is science expedition into the spooky unknown and over the week your child will do 30+ science activities, exciting demonstrations, hands-on experiments, team games and fun quizzes.
Every Day includes: 4 classroom-based fun, hands-on, science sessions and 3 ‘Activity Playground Breaks’
Disclaimer: Please note the order of the Activity Week Programme is subject to change. Should you wish to confirm the order of the Activity Week Programme at your camp venue; this will not be available until 1 week before the start of the camps.

Day 1> It’s Hallow Scream!
We start the week with a virus awareness challenge, what are they, what do they do and most importantly how can we beat them?! We plunge into the deep, dark ocean and learn how pressure affects density. Then we create a spooky shadow show and see how light travels in a straight line and try to complete the bouncing light challenge. We investigate elastic potential energy – POP!
Coughs and Sneezes! – We make a virus model and learn why coughs and sneezes spread diseases.
Deep Sea Monster! – We make a pressure-diving deep sea monster!
Weird Shadows! – We discover how shadows are created and scare our friends with a shadow show.
Pop-Up Poltergeist! – The children experiment with storing and transferring energy then make a popping toy!

Day 2> Fang-Tastic Fun!
Children discover their green fingers and learn how to nurture their giant pumpkin seed. Then we look at the conservation of Energy – we learn that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred. We go deep into squishy cell biology and make a super-sized cell!
Jumping Spiders! – We turn kinetic energy into scream energy by making a jumping spider!
Ghastly Greenhouse! – We investigate some seed secrets then make a perfect habitat for our pumpkin seedling.
Squishy Cells! – We discover the building block of our bodies and create a model cell.
The Fun Zone! – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning.

Day 3> Spook-Tackular Science!
Autumn is a time of changing colours, we discover why leaves go brown, red and orange. If the weather allows, we may have a leaf hunt. We raise the Skull and Cross Bones and power our pirate ships with jet propulsion. We find out who has arachnophobia and then dispel some spider myths with our terrifyingly cute tarantula.
Forever Autumn! – A chromatography experiment shows us the hidden colours in leaves.
Pirate Ghost Ship! – We use Newton’s Third Law of Motion to jet propel our pirate ships.
Incy-Wincy Tarantula! – Spiders are fascinating creatures; we learn loads of super spider facts.
The Fun Zone! – We re-cap the activities with quizzes and challenges designed to reinforce the day’s learning.

Day 4> Happy Haunting!
Now you see it, now you don’t! We look at reversible and non-reversible reactions and make a ghost disappear. We listen carefully as we learn about pitch and what makes a sound truly spine-chilling. We then experiment with bases and acids to make an expanding gas. Finally, we end the day by investigating some non-Newtonian fluids – our super Cauldron Slime!
Vanishing Ghosts! – We make things disappear – but only some of them come back!
Howling Werewolf! – Spooky sounds are created when we make a howling werewolf!
Franken Balloons! – We investigate solids, liquids and gases, and chemical reactions.
Cauldron Slime! – No Halloween would be complete without some of the ooziest, gooiest slime around!

Day 5> Toil and Trouble!
We explore different ways of harnessing energy. We delve into the 3 main states of matter and harness the expansive power of gases to supercharge our witch’s broom. We meet Barry the Unbelievable Balancing Bat who will show us how best to balance. We end with an exciting chemistry experiment that helps us learn about chemical reactions.
Smashing Pumpkins! – Potential energy helps us to feed a hungry monster, as we catapult pumpkins into the monster mouth.
Witch’s Broom! – We have some explosive fun while powering our witch’s broomstick.
Balancing Bats! – Where is our centre of gravity? We find out then try balancing our bats!
Vampire Vomit! – We investigate molecules and create an expanding chemical reaction!

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Team Building
Social Skills
Life Skills
Club Location
Address: Peter Hills C of E Primary School, Beatson Walk, London, UK
City: London
Town: Rotherithe
Post Code: SE16 5ED

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£295 per week
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