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Moon, Me & Baby

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At the heart of every Moon, Me & Baby programme is the power of connection, exploration and nurture, and so our enriching and supportive sessions offer families beautifully unique opportunities to bond, discover and play.
Our expertly created sessions intertwine creative story telling with holistic inspired wellbeing practices like yoga, massage, mindfulness and reflexology, alongside developmental play, early literacy and numeracy education, signing and more.
With three weekly programmes for birth to crawling, crawling to 16 months and 16 months to 3 years, little ones and their caregivers are welcomed into themed sensory environments with gently stimulating visuals, textures, sounds and even smells in the form of subtle aromatherapy before immersing in a different fantastical journey each week. For new babies from birth to crawling we have three stunning one to one sessions; Comforting Colic, Supporting Sleep and Promoting Play. These complete packages provide parents with invaluable tools to support their new baby’s wellbeing and development and so during a one hour private session in the home with early years expert Abby Allen, clients receive gentle instructions and guidance which depending on the package may include massage strokes, yoga positions, reflexology points, mindfulness exercises, action songs, developmental activities and more, helpful handouts from Moon, Me & Baby and Blossom & Berry, the soundtrack, essential oil blend
and massage oil or sensory and play kit used during the session and continued online support.
Alongside our classes and one to ones we offer workshops and events throughout the Scottish Borders, Northumberland and Central Scotland which are featured on our website’s event’s calendar. We are constantly developing our workshops to support parents with some of the challenges of parenting, provide fun opportunities for children up to age 7 to enjoy yoga, introduce young children to mindfulness and other exercises to promote positive mental health and much more. We ALWAYS welcome ideas!
In addition to our own events we also offer bespoke development and wellbeing events or sessions which are ideal for nurseries, schools, children’s clubs and exhibitions.
*Due to restrictions imposed as a result of Covid-19 we are unable to offer in-person services. To keep up to date with our launch follow us on Facebook

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Hand-eye Co-ordination
Social Skills
Life Skills
Club Location
Address: Lawyer's Brae, Galashiels, UK
City: Scottish Borders
Town: Galashiels
Post Code: TD1 3JQ

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£6 per session
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