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Mini Professors – Westwood Buisness Centre (Saturday’s)

| , | Max Participants: 0 | Age Range: 2-5

Club Description

Days: Saturdays

Times: 10.30am

Mini Professors is a Children’s Activities Association Gold Accredited programme, that is created by experts to bring science classes to 2-5 year olds, in an understandable and exciting format that they absolutely love.

Specifically tailored to the curiosity and understanding of young pre-school minds, with a focus on scientific inquiry, investigation and exploration, the classes provide a warm and welcoming environment that supports parental participation and interaction, while providing a rich variety of learning opportunities for both the children and adults alike.

Covering 80 different topics, there are a minimum of 2 hands-on experiments within a 40-45 minute session. Throw in our own bespoke video, a relevant story, photos, and other items for the children to handle, all while wearing a super-cute mini lab coat, it is often the highlight of any child’s week!

We aim to use accurate scientific language, carry out hands-on practical techniques and experiments, whilst always ensuring that safety measures are adhered to.

Science for small children is plain simple “Wow!”. The dramatic effect of using chemical reactions to make a volcano erupt, digging for real fossils, or making mini-tornadoes, gives real live hands-on experience that transcends the theory. Then, when you talk about the “Why” and “How” the children are enthused and receptive to the lesson and take it home with them. The majority of the experiments can be repeated at home with things that can be found around the house or garden, and indeed some children go home and teach their older siblings!

Children in Scotland are offered a broad general education, which recognises the importance of the quality and nature of the learning experiences in developing attributes and capabilities, and in achieving active engagement, motivation, and depth of learning. Mini Professors offers these opportunities on various levels, helping to ensure children are successful learners, while developing a curiosity and understanding of the world around them, confident and individual in their learning style, responsible citizens as they explore subjects like the environment and Earth’s resources, together with becoming an effective contributor both in class and beyond.

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Club Location
Address: Westwood business centre 69 aberdalgie road
City: Glasgow
Town: Glasgow
Post Code: G34 9HJ

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