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MF Worthy Down – ladies only

| , , , , , | Max Participants: 30 | Age Range: 14-99

Club Description

Days: Monday

Times: 7pm-8pm

The ladies only classes at the Matt Fiddes Martial Arts schools are extremely popular and offer something for people of all abilities who want to improve their lives. Classes are designed to offer students the best martial arts education – whether you’re looking to lose weight or learn to defend yourself, this class is for you.

We allow you to train at their own level and pace, making sure you’re not rushed or pushed into anything too quickly. We teach the best of all of the martial arts styles from around the world, we teach only the most up-to-date and beneficial self-defence and fitness techniques. Ladies classes are for students aged 14 or above, with some students in their 70s!

Our adult classes are a great way to meet new people
Social activity
Meet new people, make friends
Combination of all martial arts
Get Fit
Weight Control
Tone Up
Body Definition
Great Fun

Many of you will be living sedentary lifestyles (a polite way of saying you sit on your backside most of the day) and want to get a grip on your level of fitness or shed some weight. The Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Adult Classes are perfect for this and at the same time you will pick up useful self-defence skills and meet new people.

The programme is designed to increase muscle tone, flexibility, strength, confidence, weight loss, self-defence and much much more. The Matt Fiddes classes are a great way to meet new people who have similar goals of getting in shape and one day perhaps achieving a Black Belt. The classes are conducted at your pace so you won’t be expected to perform like a professional until you are ready to be one!

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Team Building
Hand-eye Co-ordination
Social Skills
Life Skills
Club Location
Address: Henry Beaufort School
City: Hampshire
Town: Winchester
Post Code: So22 6JJ

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