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May/June Half-Term Camp with Mother Nature Science SE London at St Judes CE Primary School SE1

Club Description

Days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Times: 09:00-15:30

Age Range: 5 - 12

Epic Engineering! – New science activities for 2022
Every day at this 3-day camp is a science expedition into the unknown and over the week your child will do 40+ science activities, exciting demonstrations, hands-on experiments, team games and fun quizzes.
Every Day includes: 4 indoor classroom-based fun, hands-on, science sessions and 3 outdoor ‘Activity Playground Breaks’
Disclaimer: Please note the order of the Activity Week Programme is subject to change. Should you wish to confirm the order of the Activity Week Programme at your camp venue; this will not be available until 2 weeks before the start of the camps.

Day 1> The Clever Scientist Challenge!

The scientists are launched into group challenges such as making a water carrier, designing a beak which picks up food, creating the most intricate spider web and using pneumatics to invent a snapping dinosaur!
Powerful Paper Cup! – Imagine being marooned on a desert island – one of the first things you need to find is drinking water – but how will you get it back to camp? The children design a water carrier using just a sheet of paper!
Hungry, Hungry Birds! – Different birds have different beaks adapted to their food source. Can you design a bird beak to pick up grains of rice for your hungry chicks?
Wonder Web! – A spider web is a marvel of engineering – in groups we design an intricate web to catch some ‘flies’.
Dino Snapper! – Pnuematic power is explored and harnessed to create a snapping dinosaur.

Day 2> Cool Creative Thinking!

The creative thinkers compete with each other in engineering challenges to build the tallest tower, construct a strong bridge, winch up the heaviest weight and build some balance scales.
Tin Foil Tower of London! – Can your team build the tallest tower? Height isn’t the only criteria; your tower must be strong and earthquake proof too!
Winch It Up! – Can you lift your lunch box from the floor to the table – no hands allowed!!
Bombastic Bridge Challenge! – Using just paper straws (and some knowledge of strong shapes) can your team build the strongest bridge?
Weigh It Up! – We practice our balancing skills and then build some balance scales and test them with different materials.

Day 3> Epic Engineering Fun!

Today is a messy fun day! In groups we make a dam from a limited amount of materials to keep a village safe down river, then children take part in a fun bubble session and make their own bubble wands, we then discover the science behind a frog’s sticky tongue and end the day with more sticky fun with our ever-popular slime making activity!
Brilliant Bubble Maker! – Who doesn’t love bubbles? We see small bubbles, touchabubbles and even square bubbles – but the group challenge is to make the largest bubble.
Dastardly Dam Challenge! – Using a limited amount of materials can you design a dam to hold back the river?
Cool Catching Flies! – Why do frogs have a sticky tongue? We design our own sticky frog tongues, play a super silly, sticky tongue game and on the way learn the fascinating history of velcro!
Super Sticky Slime! -The sticky fun doesn’t end as we explore Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, and then make slime!

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Social Skills
Life Skills
Communication and Language Skills
Hand-Eye Coordination
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Club Location
Address: Colnbrook Street, London, UK
City: London
Town: Walworth
Post Code: SE1 6HA

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£205 per week
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