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£8.00 per session and includes free admission and play at Parents Paradise, Bushey Watford
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Little Learners Education

| , , , , , | Max Participants: 5 | Age Range: 2 years-3 years

Club Description

Days: Thursday & Friday

Times: Thursday at 9.30am & 10.45am. Friday at 2pm

Little Learners Education is a fun, friendly, play-based educational class for toddlers and pre-schoolers!

Little Learners Education helps parents to give their toddler or pre-schooler an excellent foundation in phonics, maths and literacy without the need to sit still by teaching fun techniques through play-based interactive classes, so they gain the skills for a successful head start to school and a passion for learning, even if they have not shown an interest in numbers, shapes and letters before!

This is one of many reviews from a parent:
“My little girl has been attending online Little Learners Education classes. My initial reasons for signing my 2 year old up for the classes was for her to learn phonics and maths by someone professional in a fun manner.
However, since joining I have noticed so many positive changes in her. She is a lot more interested in letters and enthusiastic about learning. She is learning to listen, follow instructions, learning different concepts, having heaps of fun and developing a curiosity for learning.”

The exciting multi sensory introduction to maths, phonics and literacy skills is taught through nursery rhymes and engaging resources by a highly experienced, qualified Early Years/Primary school teacher.

Welcome to Little Learners Education
Our unique, specially tailored, play based program for rising 2 year olds (21 months) to 3 year olds will enter your child into an exciting world of learning which, will inspire a love of education through interactive maths, phonics and literacy activities. Led by a qualified teacher renowned for providing an innovative, quality, early childhood educational experience, children will acquire the academic skills for a successful head start in their learning.

What is Little Learners Education?
Little Learners Education aims to provide the experiences a child requires for a strong academic and social foundation through a fun, engaging, multi sensory activities. The development of maths, phonics and literacy skills through nursery rhymes, songs, play and interaction enables the child to enter nursery school with enhanced pre-reading ability, richer vocabulary, stronger maths skills and advanced social and emotional development.

The play-based program is aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which sets the standards of learning and development from birth to five years old.

What are the benefits of enrolling my child to Little Learners Education?
Starting nursery is a significant event in a child’s life. By providing a head start and positive attitude to learning through Little Learners Education, children will begin nursery with self-assurance and confidence in their skills and ability.

What is the structure of a session and importance of each activity?

Welcome song – The session begins with a welcome song which develops a sense of belonging to group. The song builds confidence and encourages participation in the group’s activities through listening and following actions together.

Brain gym to a mathematical rhyme – Maths rhymes use numbers, counting, mathematical words, patterns and sequences allowing children to learn simple maths skills as they recite the song. Brain gym strengthens muscles, stimulates brain activity and helps ears, eyes, head, limb and overall body co-ordination.

Mathematics activity – Promotes understanding and skills such as number recognition, calculating, problem solving, use of size, time, shapes and measure in a broad range of contexts. Research has shown that children who are taught maths early and learn the basis at a young age are at an advantage in all aspects of their academic performance.

Brain gym and air writing to a nursery rhyme – Nursery rhymes are important for language acquisition and speech development. They develop auditory skills such as discriminating between sounds and words. Nursery rhymes also introduce alliteration, onomatopoeia and imagery. Brain gym and air writing develops control and co ordination required for fine motor control, mark marking and writing.

Letter sound focus – Each week the children will be introduced to a letter sound. Synthetic phonics is key to teaching reading and writing. It provides the strategies to decode words. Developing early literacy skills enhances the ease of learning to read and write. Children who enter school with these skills have an advantage that carries them throughout their school years.

Phonics activity – The emphasis of these activities are to attune children to the sounds around them both environmental and instrumental, to experience rhythm, rhyme, alliteration and voice sounds in speech and to develop oral blending and segmenting skills. These are all vital prerequisite skills for spelling and reading.

Story time- During the interactive story time children will use their body to act and create the sounds in the story. Children who are read to frequently enter nursery with larger vocabulary and advanced comprehension skills. Reading books aloud develops language and listening skills, stimulates imagination and expands the understanding of the world.

Mark making – The session ends with mark making this is a sensory and physical experience which allows an opportunity to write. This experience of holding a writing tool and controlling the marks with the muscles enhances the child’s physical development, improves their fine motor skills and develops their hand-eye coordination. Mark making provides an opportunity to develop imagination, creative skills, express feelings and thoughts through the marks.

How much does the session cost?
The price per class is £8.00 and includes free admission and play at Parents Paradise, Bushey Watford.

What days and times are the classes?
Classes are 45 minutes in duration and run weekly every Thursday at 9.30am & 10.45am and Friday at 10.30am

Contact us on [email protected] for more information.

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Team Building
Hand-eye Co-ordination
Social Skills
Life Skills
Club Location
Address: Parents Paradise, Unit C, Greatham Road,
City: Hertfordshire
Town: Bushey, Watford
Post Code: WD23 2NZ

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£8.00 per session and includes free admission and play at Parents Paradise, Bushey Watford
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