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We’re passionate about kids’ creativity and development. Enjoii box designed to help inspire children in a way that expands their worldview and spark all kinds of creative ideas. We offer Baking, Gardening , Arts and Crafts and Hands ON creative activities as it’s FUN and kids enjoy them and because it is important for children’s development, creativity and learning. That is why we deliver monthly activity boxes to your door!

Enjoii box is a subscription box for children aged 3 to 10 years old and aims to empower kids to explore, create, learn and enjoy with hands-on kits.

Each box is themed and contains a great variety of projects and fun activity ideas to keep kids entertained and encourage learning.
Each project designed by educational team to encourage creativity and learning through play. Carefully designed projects with all materials and instructions delivered to your door. A great variety of seriously fun projects and activity ideas available for every child interest to enjoy.

With Enjoii you can choose your themed monthly boxes! Switch between our lines any time.

No commitment ever! Cancel or pause any time by simply logging into your account.

Boxes are available as one off purchase.

(recommended age 3-10+)
Each box includes everything you need for gardening and two nature crafts to teach children about nature.
Every month we surprise you with a hand-curated selection of organic seeds and peat free compost pellets you can sow right away delivered to your door.

(recommended age 3-10+)
Each box includes two yummy baking recipes, collectable recipe cards with easy to follow step by step instructions, all the dry ingredients you need for the recipes. You will also get a baking tool and a little activity for children.

(recommended age 3-10+)
Each box includes two arts and crafts activities, easy to follow instructions and materials to encourage creativity and learning in children

(recommended age 5-10+)
Each box includes two enriching STEM projects and activities to encourage learning.

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Hand-eye Co-ordination
Life Skills
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Address: Subscription box
City: London
Town: London

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£7.99 per box + FREE delivery 
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